87 GMC 3500 Dump

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Moose's Mowing, Sep 10, 2013.

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    ok real quick for those of you who don't know me..I'm a small solo op. Do mainly mowing during the summers. I'm a school teacher full time during the reg school year. Doing pretty good mowing and this year I did quite a bit of power washing, mulching, brush hogging and tree cleanup/clearing work. I'm currently running a 2004 Chevy 2500HD. This is my main and only work truck and has a Meyer plow on it as well.

    Since I started my company, I've been looking for a decent, cheap, older dump truck. I stumbled across one yesterday that has my name all over it. it's a 1987 GMC 3500 4x4 dump. Needs some minor work but nothing major according to the seller. Fixing/repairing isn't much of an issue as I do it all myself. Truck looks decent from the pics. Little rust on the rocker panels, dump body is in nice shape as is the rest of the body. very minor surface rust. Seller claims all it needs is a power steering pump (included with the sale). It also has a "newer" Western plow setup and it does in fact look newer from the pics.

    I offered a crazy low price on it and she said fine. Said her son will even tow it here (about a 3 hours drive from me) for free. The Western plow package alone is worth more than what I offered for the truck. She said she is cleaning up her property and just wants it gone. So I'm going to get it. While it won't make me a ton of $ directly, it'll be a huge improvement from using a reg pickup for chipping jobs, mulch, firewood, etc. So it's more of a convenience than anything.Even if I end up not using it, I can fix it up and flip it for a few bucks at the very least.

    So long story short, my question is what are your thoughts on this model? I had an 86 K10 in college and loved it. Couldn't break it no matter how hard I tried. I think this GMC has a 350 with a TH400. Not sure on the transfer case or axles. I assume the rear would be a GM 14 bolt.....What were the major issues with this year truck? Looks like it'll be a little workhorse with a little TLC. Might even paint it and make it look nice too.

    What are your thoughts? (Sorry for the long winded post)
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    I had an '87 one ton longbed with a 350 / 400 combo back in the day. The only issue I had with it was with the exhaust flapper, located at the passenger side manifold flange. It had rusted up and wouldn't open all the way. Iif it sticks, the engine will get hot. Buy a new HEI module and throw the old one in the glove box just in case. The front axle is a Dana 60 and the rear should be a 14 bolt. Not sure, but I think that some of the cab and chassis models came with a Dana 70 rear. Both are plenty beefy. The transfer case should be a NP203 or NP205. If it came stock with locking hubs its a 205. If the TC is aluminum (unlikely), its an NP208. Good solid trucks.
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    good sounds like a decent find then. I always considered those older Chevy's pretty stoudt trucks. Hopefully it's not a rust bucket. No idea on the miles, so I'm just gonna assume the odometer quit working over the years. Seems like a bit of a gamble buying something by pictures only, but I can't pass this up considering the price....Thanks for the info I'll check the flapper thing and do some reading on the module.
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    Sounds like a great truck. I have a 89 3500. been great for 10 years now. Absolute work horse pulling a 20' trailer almost everyday.
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