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8x20 Enclosed Trailer


LawnSite Bronze Member
Northern NJ
So my brother in law is selling his enclosed trailer for $4000 OBO. It is negotiable, but please no low ballers. I will list some features/specs of the trailer if you have any other questions please feel free to ask, but give me some time to get you the answers because this trailer is not mine. Thank you!!

16" OC Wall Studs
24" OC Ceiling Studs
Barnyard rear door, no ramp
2 5/16 coupler
Brakes with break away kit
Tires have good tread
3/8 Side walls
Exterior Lighting works
1 interior light

Trailer 1.jpg

Trailer 2.jpg

Trailer 3.jpg

Trailer 4.jpg

Trailer 5.jpg


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should be on the tung of the trailer or on one of the front corners