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8x8 pavers


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Hi folks, wanted to start off by saying that I thoroughly enjoy visiting the site.....it has lots of good, interesting content. Proud to be a member of the site.

Just a little background info....I have been working as a landscaping foreman for a landscaping company here in Michigan for over 12 years. We perform both hardscaping and softscaping and I have a question about an upcoming project.

We will be using 8x8 pavers from the Oaks "Classic series" (www.oakspavers.com). I am experienced in laying 4x8's, circle paks, multi stones, etc., but this will be my first attempt at laying the 8x8 sized blocks. I cant imagine any difference with laying these type versus the standard 4x8's, but I was wondering about the paver tamping aspect of it. We have two Wacker 1550's that we use strictly for paver tamping.....is there any danger in cracking these larger 8x8 pavers with these tampers? Seems to me the larger surface area of these pavers would receive more force from the tamper, thus possibly damaging them. I generally add a bit of sand onto the surface of any pavers I am preparing to tamp to prevent any scuffing and it helps the tamper move along the pavers.

Any comments or ideas would be appreciated, thanks.


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Eastern Ontario
Tamp away, I personally don't see any problem. We compact 9" x 9" stone pretty much every week. The modular stone we use has this one in it. They never crack unless there is already a weekness in that particular stone. When you get to the larger pavers say like the 12" x 12" first off they are no longer called pavers they are termed "slabs". They typically are 1cm thicker than the normal stones probably for that very reason.

Oh and welcome to the site


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Thanks, thats what I figured. I would like to include a solder course......I like the idea of using the standard 4x8 for a solder border or possibly a larger rec.....either way the color would contrast the 8x8's.....any opinions?