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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Green-Pro, Jul 25, 2005.

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    I was just watching the local evening news, not good. Total rainfall amount for our area YTD, 9.8 inches. They put up totals for 1988, 1936, & 194? this year is the lowest amount of precipitation on record (records have been kept since 1872 here) Got some rain in the town where my accounts are this morning but not much.

    Gonna push re seeding lawns this fall in newsletter when invoices go out next week. payup

  2. DLCS

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    Maybe tonight we will get some much needed rain. Lawns are greening up a little here but we so desperately need rain. Governor has applied for federal disaster area relief for the farmers.
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    Its to late for the corn around here, gettin that way for the beans to much more of this. That rainfall amount was what was reported at the quad cities we are a bit south & west of there & I believe we may have even less than that here!!

    Yeah lots of farmers will be lookin for that govt. check come fall, I like to give the business to my farmer friends about how the govt. has created so many office jobs for the folks bailing them out in times like this they wouldn't dare quit the programs/subsidies for fear of all the economic upheaval it would cause :)

    Like I said I needle them about this a little bit, but then again they agree with that assessment....hhmmmmmm?

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    I hope you guys get some rain otherwise the september aeration / seeding plans go to pot because you need water so the soil can be aerated AND the germination. We had this problem in 2001, a lot of LCO's went out of business as the dry summer turned into a dead fall when they passed laws making it illegal to water your lawn.
    Not to scare you, but keep your money saved, things will get better sooner or later :) 2001 was my first year, if I made it, you can too.

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