9$ a hour certified applicator in maryland

Discussion in 'Network: North' started by aaronmg, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. jones68

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    who is it you work for?
  2. 94gt331

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    I worked for guys like that in the past! The way I view the situation is, everyone should start at the bottom of the toempole for awhile and work there way up and if your doing a good job and making the boss good money then you should make some good raises. The big quetion to you is how long have you been with your boss? Was $9hr your starting wage? Some people get a job and right away they expect top pay right off the bat and don't understand that the employer needs to know your gonna produce for him and stick around and be loyal to him before he starts giving raises etc. If that's not the case and you've been with him awhile and make him great money and your his only employee and he's grossing $300,000 then I'd tell him to pound sand.
  3. ReddensLawnCare

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    I think you need to upgrade your ppe. Haha
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  4. Will P.C.

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    Sounds like this employer could fire you, hire a guy at 8/hr, and end up with a worker who has a better attitude
  5. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Kids today don't know what low pay is my first job paid $3.80 and minimum wage was $3.37. Now my first landscaping job paid $7 and with in 10 years I was making $20. The truth is you get paid what your worth weather or not you able to see it at the time is debatable.
  6. aaronmg

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    Will P.C.... yes my employer could fire me at will.... god bless him if he does.... makes it easier for the transition....
  7. aaronmg

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    Jones68 I don't work for anybody now...next year you will see me around...
  8. aaronmg

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    94gt i told him to pound sand!!!2014/2015 are gonna be tremendous growth years!!!
  9. TMlawncare

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    Now you are unemployed with no income. Now what?
  10. jrs.landscaping

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