9 h.p. RPM?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by kbacon3231, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. kbacon3231

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    I have a 9 horse Techumsa (sp.) Snow King motor that i am going to build a mini chopper out of and i was wondering what kind of RPM do you think it will max out at. I'm trying to figure out what gearing i should try. Any help or guestimates will be appreciated.
  2. subs1000w

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    with the governor 3600 without somewhere in the 4-4500 range but dont expect it to last very long tecumsehs are known for throwing rods and id hate to have one hit my leg while i was riding it

    on the other hand i have a 12hp tec vert on my gokart with no gov and with the carb tune maxed and no air filter im sure it peeks in the mid 4k range but only for a sec at the top of eack gear i would never hold it there for long like on a single speed bike or kart
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    i know that some racers will run a stock Briggs 5 hp up to 5800 rpms. with some mods to 6500 on up. do a search on go carts and tecumseh. i have seen forums for what your asking. also there are many aftermarket racing parts for techumseh. good luck.
  4. kbacon3231

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    from ohio
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    thanks for the info!!

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