90 Something Smithco Infield Machine

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by forestfireguy, Apr 10, 2011.

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    We got these from a local school district, one runs, the other not so well. We are keeping the better of the two for grooming the pea gravel at our showroom/gallery location. The other is up for grabs. 3 wheel drive, front wheel can be disengaged for better turning and ease on turf, can be engaged for sloppy conditions, and when pushing power is needed. Has Hydro lifts, front and belly, lute attachment for belly to repair batters boxes and pitchers mounds, rear "fingers" attachment for dragging infields. Our mechanic says it needs rings but is otherwise solid. He's had it running, but it smokes badly. He tells me parts kit is about $200, if having done in a shop about a $1000 repair, if your handy or have a staff guy, it's a parts deal. The unit for sale is a diesel, I believe it to be a Kubota 3 cyl. Lifts and drive work fine. Seat is useable, but ripped. All plastic is there and somewhat faded from the sun, but could be brought back to look good. We already shined up the other one. Thses things are $10,000 machines, selling $2500 prefer CASH or best reasonable offer. Located in NJ, not real interested in shipping, unless buyer can arrange no hands PU from my yard. Will accept check, but must clear before machine is released. We are in business 30 years.......release immediately when funds are in hand. This is a pretty versatile machine, can plow snow, fix fields, pull an aerator. Great addition for a public contractor or your kids little league......My daughters softball league turned it down.

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