9000 new customers in 3 years?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by TSM, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. TSM

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    you have all seen this ad?
    the one saying 9000 new customers in 3 years by real green. Guess they are offering a free seminar to show you how to do it.

    anyone attend one of these seminars?

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    ok but how many thousands of bucks do u have to spend??????
    i have looked at the system and its nice but i can afford it
  3. J Hisch

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    I am part of Real Green via 1-800-lawncare and a software user. when I first began with Real Green I was really on guard. But didnt want to dish out the bucks for a franchise. So I started with 1-800-lawncare and began to implement their marketing program. All material is cheaper than having a print shop print it. I know becasue a very close friend of mine is a Direct mail/printing firm. He told me how competitive their pricing is. But to answer your question. Yes, I attended a seminar and my friend Mike also attended becasue he is a marketing guru. He know the numbers and even felt Real Greens numbers were lower than he had seen with the various marketing tools they were using. When asked about their numbers seeming lower than most markets, he said it attributed to his area being marketed out per say. On their program you would spend about 60K over the cousre of the year and you would gross 250k-300k off of the 60k. Joe and his company Realgreen is a straight shooter, who care about helping lawncare companies succeed. They offer free marketing advise to members, reduced printing cost, reduced software cost etc. He is a man who knows how to market lawn care and has a proven track record doing it. Even the industry leaders use him as a marketing resource. His numbers are real, true and accurate. Most companies who use his system are the Larger independent companies. The best peice of adivse i can give is remember I was on guard, but now I am sold. You could not take the 60k and invest it on your own and do any better. plus they will handle all of it for you. All you have to do is be ready. But the age old adage is true, you must spend money to make money. He just takes all the guess work out of it.
  4. TSM

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    J Hisch,
    i've met Joe K. many years ago, all you say about him is true. I use lawn assistant 3 software and was once also an 1 800 lawncare member (long long story....but my experience was much different than yours...nothing was cheaper in fact 10-12% higher and.....well like i said its a long long story....never again)

    his techniques arent rocket science, just plain common sense really.

    are you saying they are selling a "growth program" (for lack of another word) for $60,000? or were you just comparing spending $60k on one's own compared to their 1800lawncare?
    I mean I assumed that their 'seminar' is really an infomercial designed to sell their product/service.

    my 2 biggest concerns when thinking of 9000 new accounts in 3 years....facility space.....man power
    thats massive growth in a short time, i would think one would really only seek that sort of aggressive growth if they planned on selling within 3-5 years?

    surely quality of service will slip big with that kind of rapid growth?

    are you on track with this kind of rapid growth? if so how are you managing empoyee hiring/training and what about floor space at your facility...are you rapidly out growing that space?

  5. J Hisch

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    I would like to know your story. However, the whole program is a commitment within itself. Also, I could see that within major metropolitain area 1-800-lawncare wouldnt work as well. As far as their pricing, perhaps for 800 members the price scale is different. I also know they hit some bumps in the road in the past. They are much better equiped fro printing operations than they were in the past.

    As far as growth is concerned, yes we are growing and becoming a major competitor in my market. However, the market needed a competitive independent as the nationals were about the only real show in town. I have proceeded with caution as far as becoming to big to fast. I want quality thec's and dont want to set the same standard practices as the nationals do. I am in a bldg. that can support the growth, I am however not able to raise my employee up fast enough to keep up with the growth as far as grooming them to become managers in the near future. That has been my biggest concern. True the program is not rocket science, as I was already doing much of what Real Green is offering, however, now I dont have to come up with a Fall Areation doorhanger or mailer, a lawn care estimate form, etc, etc. it's all been done and that allows me to focus on doing the work we are gaining. My Lawncare portion of the business grew from about 12k in gross sales to 110k in a year. But again I dumped money and effort into that side of the business, but only about 18K in marketing
  6. Cahsking

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    I say screw it all lets go work for Bricker.
  7. Rayholio

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    None of the seminars are within my driving range... this does sound interesting to me though... I'm just coming out of my 1st full season, and I'm VERY happy with my growth.. but it could of course be better!

    I don't know what 1-800-lawncare is.... is this something that I should look into?

    and as for the RealGreen Software... I've called and talked to them before, and the software looks nice.. but I've purchased tons of software in the past that I've ended up throwing away in 6 months because it only slowed me down, or was simply not helpfull.... and the Realgreen software is Realexpencive...

    So... I've only got a database of 100+ customers, and about 50+ seasonal customers.. what could the realgreen software do for me? Does it actually make you money? That is to say, can I expect to see a return on the investment? or is it simply for people with more money than time?
  8. Runner

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    Besides a few franchises (and of course the big green co.'s) using them, there is one local private here that uses them (among a few other smaller privates). This guy is a private mind you, and he is now pushing 20,000 accounts now. He was at 10,000 5 years ago. This guy has now opened satellites in Bay City and Lansing. No one can touch him for marketing, but again, he has no control over attention to detail, anymore.
  9. TSM

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    like any software...depends on your needs and future growth expectations. with 100+ accounts you dont need real green's software....unless you plan/hope to reach 1000+ accounts. the marketing capabilities alone will be worth your investment. and with any powerful software there will be a 'learning curve', so starting with only 100 accounts would be ideal (easier to learn the software with the stress of operating a 100 account business than it will be when your a 1000 acount business.) oh, and they have a six month use it- dont like it- return it policy.

    1-800-lawncare is something you should at least look at and consider. you can learn more by searching www.realgreen.com

    I had issues with them...but we were onboard way back when they first launched it....sounds like they worked out the glitches that fustrated me.
  10. TSM

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    lol....last time i told my story on this message board i recieved a letter from real green's attorney ( i know they lurk here...and i'm sure they're readin this thread-{{Hello Val}})

    if you do a search i'm sure you'll find at least part of my experiences with 800marketing for success (which is what they called it back then)

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