90W oil versus SAE 30?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by fixer67, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. fixer67

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    Just how dumb can some one be? Had a customer bring in a generator today that would not run. I checked the oil and "WT#!!!".:confused:
    The oil was so thick it was like pancake syrup. The company that owns the generator build log cabins so it may have beeb the Stihl Bar oil that buy from us. The "oil" was so thick the oil pump could not pump it. Good thing it has a low oil pressure switch on it. I set it to drain as I left work and it 'may' be drained by Monday. I may have to flush the crankcase out. Just how dumb can some one be? :dizzy:
  2. khouse

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    It happens. If everyone took great care of thier machines you would have very little work.
  3. The Rookie

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    :laugh: :laugh: I use 80w90 gear oil in my snapper because the rings are bad. I only use this mower like a bushhog or to pull an aerator loaded down with 100 lbs of weight. I have fun torturing the 8 hp briggs and it will not quit. If it does I will probably buy a new engine for it. I don't think its stupid but funny.:laugh: :hammerhead:
  4. dutch1

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    This could be become an interesting "screwup" thread.

    About 5 years ago when I was still working in shop envoirnment, whe had a lawn and landscape company that would replace a trimmer/blower a week, some times more than one. The "help" couldn't tell the difference between 2 stroke fuel and 4 stroke fuel. In an attempt to halt the destruction, the supervisor labeled each trimmer and blower and assigned them to certain team members who had specific jobs. When units went down with a straight gas problem the assigned employee had their pay docked until the unit was paid for. This situation did not last long for as soon as the employee had his pay docked, he would quit and go to work elsewhere. They never did get the problem under control and in reality, I suppose you can never completely eliminate it.

    When this same company got into leaf season the manager/supervisor made the decision that they would only carry 2 stroke fuel. No more problems with the 2 stroke stuff but it was quite different for the 4 strokers. About two weeks into the leaf season they brought in 2 Billy Goat wheel blowers and 2 truck mount Billy Goat leaf vacs, all with the same condition. All units had stuck exhaust valves due to heavy carbon build up on the valve stems.

    Trying to teach the end user how to take care of equipment is like playing a violin for a donkey.

  5. Restrorob

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    I have seen many many stupid things over the years but this one stands out the most.

    Customer brings in a Murray Hi-wheel with a 4 hp Briggs, His complaint was it had gotten hard to start. When I got to it I pushed it in my bay and checked the oil, It was a little black but full. I proceeded to start it and noticed on the first pull it didn't have enough compression to start much less run.

    I Pulled the air filter assembly and the carb. throat was thick with dirt, With the filter assembly still in my hand I flipped it over. Evidently the customer had plugged up the filter and instead of washing and re-oiling it he had collected a hand full of moss that had fallen out of a tree, Rolled it up and packed it in the filter casing. :dizzy:

    The customer left the unit at the shop for junk so I left the filter in tact and took it to my next up-date class and gave it to my rep, He collects stupid things like this to show in classes. :)

    DOLMARatOS LawnSite Member
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    We did find a cure for this problem. Our local Fire Department has 4 stations and they were either burning up the 2-stroke equipment with straight gas or messing up the 4-stroke stuff with mixed fuel. We switched them to Opti-2 oil @ 100:1 mix. Peoblem solved for 2 years now. The high mix works good in the generators and hurst tools and they never straight gas a saw. 2 of their generators have racked up 300 hours running 100:1 mixed fuel.

    This might stir up a hornet's nest here but it worked in this application.
  7. Jay Ray

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    Got some Castrol gear oil (discontinued) on sale at Walmart to change the oil in my Wheel Horse transmission (gear). Now I know what to do with the extras I got just because it was so cheap. Thanks.
  8. fixer67

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    I have some updates for this thread. First is this old man that has bypassed all the switch Inter-locks on his mower. He started it by standing beside it in his basement. It started in gear ran across the basement and into a wall. It just set there burning rubber for a bit before he could turn it off.:laugh:

    When we get there it pick it up he is trying to lie to his wife about what he did bit she knows better. :nono:

    Now for this one I wished I had a camera at work. This man "thinks" his mower is out of time so what does he do? Takes and welds up the factory flywheel key slot and takes side grinder and cuts a new slot for the flywheel key. After he cuts two slots he does the the engine to run but it is so bad out of time it wrecks its self. So the next time you have to adjust the timing remember the side grinder.:hammerhead:
  9. Jay Ray

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    Fixer, you need EMT certification to work that kind of stuff. Unbelievable.:laugh:
  10. fixer67

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    You would not beleive the number of mowers that have came in with the blades on upside down in the past few weeks. It is like the all the nuts are coming out of hiding or something. I am afraid to see what shows up next

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