93’ 3500HD 6.5 Turbo diesel. Opinions please


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Today I looked at this truck: 93 GMC 3500HD, 6.5 turbo diesel, auto transmission, 135,000 miles

Here’s what I noticed. First off the engine seems vary strong, if you’re looking at it rocks to the left about an inch when you steep on the gas. Also there seems to be a small oil leak coming from the pan/drain plug (my friend said this could be taken care of with some sealer) the frame and suspension both look good. While driving the things I noticed where, 1: the transmission seem to shift hard, 2 if you floor it it gets up to about 3500-4000 RPM’S before shifting and 3 it has a strong pull to the right when braking. Overall the truck appears in vary good condition for its age, the cab is excellent, the cab body, paint is vary good also. Under the hood it is vary clean and well maintained looking
The dealer will be taking it in to inspect for the reason it is pulling to the left this morning, they also said they will check out the transmission (although I doubt any dealer would rip apart and inspect a trans on a used vehicle). the only other flaw I noticed was the bed, it has a well beat up 10’ tool box on it that would be going anyway in exchange for ether a flatbed or dump. They are asking $9,500. Do you feel this is a fair price and also what would a bed cost? Even if the diesel were to die I hear you could drop in a crate 350 pretty cheap. Also what would be the cost of a new trans or overhaul.

Thanks for your help


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The 93 had the mechanical injetion pump, maing it very reliable. It all depends on how the truck was driven, that engine has a usefull life of 200K 250K at the most. I would be leary of the tranny, any auto in a work with close to 150K may need to be replaced.
If the tranny fluid is nice and red, then its been recently replaced, if its brownish red then its been neglected.
BTW its not that simple to convert the diesel to gas, especially in late model vehicles. And the 350 will be underpowered in a 15000 gvw truck.

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Two months ago, I bought a '92 Chevy C-3500, 454/auto, a/c. Excellent interior, very good exterior. 9' platform dump, 36" sides and a 6 ton hoist. Class 4 trailer hitch w/ brake controler and frame mounted gooseneck hitch. 163,000 miles. Paid $6500.00. I realize the year and engine difference. There was a post not too long ago about a 9' flat dump for sale w/hoist.... about $1500- $2000.


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sounds like a good deal...diesels are just strong vehicles to begin with and depending on its former use it could very well have many more thousands of miles in its future. As far as the tranny I agree with a previous post auto tranny's just dont seem to hold out nearly as long and it might also fell different shifting if this is your first diesel...if you do think you would like to switch the motor out when it goes I say go back with the diesel you will gain back what extra you pay for a gas engine with the extra torque/power and fuel economy when trailering. The hard pull when braking I would insist that they fix before selling it to you...save yourself a headache its most likely warped rotors or a combination of that and your master cylinder going out....

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