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    Im looking at buying 2 new deere 930r's and wwas windering what you guys thought of the mower? How does it do on fuel I have a 950 with a 31 hp kawi and it sucks fuel down good awefully almost to much power si I figured th5w smaller engine should be enough power to run the bagging units that they will both have as well as the 3 year warentee I could rack up 1500 hrs on them in 3 years also how does it do on hills my 9500 sucks even turning around it spins out. Lastly how much did you pay for your 930? Because I feel like deeres really wanting to sell these two mowers to me bad. Thanks!
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    What? You didn't like the answers you got in the other thread, so you're starting another one asking the same things?:confused:

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