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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by tnmtn, Nov 10, 2005.

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    hello all,
    i have a 94 f-350 with the 7.3 int'l diesel. no turbo. i would like to get a little more power for towing up hills and was wondering if anyone knew if a programmer was available for this engine. i haven't had much luck locating one. if not,any suggestions to hop it up a bit without putting a turbo on it. the truck has high miles and not sure a turbo would be a good idea at this point. i am towing about 12000 lbs. of trailer and it is coming up short as it is now. thanks in advance for any help,

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    That one dies not use a computer, so, a programmer won't work. you have to do it the old school way, mechanically by beefing up the injector pump to poush more juice.

    We took one of ours and added a 4" exhaust, then opened the muffer and gutted it, then welded the ends back on. It had a little more power, but basically, still could not pull a booger out of a wet bucket of snot.
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    No programmer available, as it has mechanical control and injection.

    You can remove the 'soup bowl' in the air filter tray and that will help it breathe better. It may not be noticeable but it will help airflow and fuel economy (relative to the truck's size).

    You can also have the IP turned up but you need to have a professional do it to avoid screwing up a $800 IP.

    Other than those items, there's not much short of rebuilding the whole engine and doing it all from the ground up, such has having ceramic coated pistons, o-ring'd heads, head machining, propane/water injection, and an aftermarket turbo.

    The IDI's don't have very much of an aftermarket other than Banks or ATS. The 7.3 Non-turbo made 170hp in '94, the last year of its production. It's no speed demon, but is a solid base for those working trucks.

    It might be helpful to you to ask this over on The Diesel Stop where there are IDI experts. My knowledge is more in the area of the 7.3 and 6.0 Power Strokes.
  4. tnmtn

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    thanks for the help. i was curious what the hp and torque was rated for that year. 170 hp i guess that says it all. less than the isusu npr's. i'll check the diesel stop. otherwise it is a great truck.
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    Better to have a 7.3 than a GM 6.2 with a whopping 135hp.:D
  6. Guthrie&Co

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    i know who that goes out to. hahaha

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    Did they even have that many HP in a 6.2? Those things were fyooken yunk.
  8. Smalltimer1

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    I think the last ones might have hit 150hp in '92 just before the switch to the 6.5 for good...I know the best dyno run by a stock 6.2/auto was 95rwhp. The '81-'88's were all 135hp....gutless at best.
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    The old IDIs are good and reliable no they are not much power the one I had was okay it did pull the 8-10% grades a little slow when the truck was grossing 16,000lbs. Mine was a N/A (naturally aspirated) I never did get around spending the 2500-3000 dollars for a turbo. You add a turbo and rebuild the injection system you should see some power increase. The limitation for the IDIs that were turbo less is the compression is 21:1 so you can't blow much air to them. The other problem is the injection pump only puts out so much fuel I forget the max hp per hole. You can add propane etc but its not worth it just put a turbo on it.

    You have to watch the Exhaust Gas Temperature you can melt pistions if your not carefull. You add too much boost you will blow head gaskets.

    If you want more power you might aswell buy a newer truck something in the 97 and newer range. I sold the IDI and bought a 95 the stock PSD doesn't have the low end b*lls like the IDI. Both trucks are F-450s the IDI had 5:13s in the diff the PSD has 4:63s both 5spds the 95 weighs 8400lbs the 89 weighed 7900lbs. I'am not going to chip the PSD it already drinks enough fuel I will upgrade the down pipe and eliminate the cat.

    I liked the fact the IDIs were all mechanical the only achilles heal was the return line system if they leaked air man the IDIs are a biatch to start. I never had any problems I avoided disturbing the injector caps and return lines.

    As for the 6.2 they are okay they are underpowered but if you want good fuel economy they have it. A local tow truck operator used to have a Chevy tow truck with 6.2 power he used to pull some heavy trucks with it. The heaviest he pulled was a 3 ton school bus I think it weighed 14,000lbs.

    The 6.5s are turds they are underpowered I drove a 3500 Chevy dually flatdeck 4x4 hauling firewood used to put a cord (4500-5000lbs) on the truck and it was a PIG.

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