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94 walker with 26 hours.

Millers Lawn Care

LawnSite Member
wow!! that seems weird that they put it in storage for more then a decade! You dont see that too often.


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souldve done a little better with the paint job when he put the new hour meter in--thats ebay for ya

starry night

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I don't think the guy said he was the original owner. Maybe he got ripped off by someone else.


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Chattanooga, TN
OK, so it sounds like it's got more than 26 hours on it ... even if it has 300 on it, isn't worth $ 3,000 ??


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Can you imagine what the carb and all the gaskets and seals would be like after sitting for 15-16 years? I doubt it sat at all but like some said repainted and new hour meter.