'95 7.3L/DITD pump housing seaping

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Jim@MilkyWay, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. Jim@MilkyWay

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    The water pump that I replaced last year, appears to be seeping at block, just to left of thermostat housing. I have not tried to re-torque as I do not want to risk breaking housing. Is this a valid concern, or is it likely to even help. Do I just go ahead and disassemble? I have never put one together and had it leak before. I wonder if, A) I dropped the ball when sealing at install, B) the cheapo pump from auto zone is not flat where it needs to be, or C) if the notebook-paper thin gasket that came with pump should be replaced with a gasket which is a tiny bit thicker, like maybe .008 as opposed to .003, (thickness just a guess). Does anyone know if the tiny width difference has a bearing on the internal pump circulating action, owing to the fact that the pump housing has no back.
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    I would replace the gasket, NAPA may have a thicker gasket. It's really not worth loosing your _COOL_ over, Most likely tightening won't do a thing but worry you wondering if it's going to leak worse and cause engine damage.
  3. Jim@MilkyWay

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    Kool dude.
    I don't think I would loose enough fluid for engine to even notice, as in overheating, but best to not take chances, especially with a diesel.
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    Go to your local Int dealer or NAPA and get a new gasket. Install dry or use some spray 3M adheasive to hold in place. No RTV. It won't get better, only worse.
  5. Jim@MilkyWay

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    Roger that.

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