.95 vs .80 Trimmer Line

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassbusterdesigns, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. grassbusterdesigns

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    I haven't seen a discussion about Trimmer Line in a while, so I'm going to throw another one up there. We all know most trimmer line is trimmer line. I'm a long time .95 Cross Fire user. It seems the quality has went down the drain over the years, my stock ran out, now it's time for some new spools.

    I'd like to hear from some of you guys who run .80 from day-to-day. I'm really thinking about making the change, but hesitant. I've read and feel that the .80 will give a much cleaner and precise cut, but then I question the durability. I'll obviously use the bigger line for the heavy stuff, but do you guys run across any issues with the .80 regular day-to-day use? Is the cut quality that much better?

    Let's talk.:dancing:
  2. exmarkking

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    Personally, I think it's to small for commercial use. I'm sure it cuts great, but the durability of it doesn't work for us. I think it depends a lot on what type of grass your cutting and what type of properties you mow. Down here in the south, .95 works great on warm season grasses and lots of people have privacy fences which isn't as hard on trimmer line like chain link is. Do you edge with it? We only use trimmer line edging beds and around things the mower can't get to. If you are edging concrete with it, .95 is the way to go. So long story shirt I think they both have their place but down here and with our accounts, .95 is the way to go. Maybe that helps you out.
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  3. CNYScapes

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    Ive never even tried .80 I always thought it was homeowner string! Not to say you guys cant school me if its better?
  4. loveitgreen

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    I use Echo .65 line. It is super flexible, especially if you store it in a bucket of water. It works awesome for general grass trimming. The thinner string takes less power to spin so you can run your line longer. However, .95 is better for weed whacking.
  5. 205mx

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    We Run stihl 80.

    It's much better. You can fit more on a spool and let more out at a time.

    We do keep a spool of 105 ready for our 1 chain link fence.
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  6. grassbusterdesigns

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    There's some good points raised here. First exmarkking, you are correct. There's mostly privacy fences everywhere down here in the south, or at least where I'm at rather than chain link which makes it that much easier. As for grasses I'm cutting mostly Muda, St. Augustine, and little Zoysia. I went to stick hedgers, soley because I went to the Green Touch racks and it literally takes 30 seconds to pull the stick edger off, one or two pull start, and I can nearly run with that stick edger. So edging isn't an issue with the trimmer line. I guess I'm going to pick up a small spool and give it a whirl and we'll see how it goes. As mentioned for the ones who didn't know or just haven't ever tried, from my understanding .80 and the smaller lines for sure do a much better job cutting the grass. The smaller line cuts the grass with ease or at least from my studying and reading. It sounds to be a lot more precise. However, I won't disagree .95 is all I've ever used and seems to be pretty standard, I have heard many people saying the .80 line is cutting cleaner. One might say the .80 wears a little faster, but you can spool up a lot more .80 then .95, so I think you would re-load in just about the same amount of time being that .95 would wear slower, where the .80 you can spool more. It would be non-sense to use .80 on some tougher stuff, but we're discussing weekly accounts, which I'm thinking the .80 would shine on. Loveitgreen, I haven't seen any .65 around here. Are you picking that up at big-box? You stand correct, the lighter line, especially a .65, you can put more trimmer line out there to cut with than a heavier line without having to worry about rpm's. Seems like the .95 shines for whacking in our world, but I'm gonna have to try it out, I think the smaller line will shine on weekly cut accounts.
  7. grassbusterdesigns

    grassbusterdesigns LawnSite Member
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    Have you ran that .80 stihl along any Privacy or Wooden fences? We don't have much chain link around here. I was looking into the .80 stihl, I know it'd be great for weekly's, but I wonder how it holds up if you run it down the privacy fence?
  8. Exact Rototilling

    Exact Rototilling LawnSite Fanatic
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    I use the Echo 0.095 line just because it more available but I'm going with Echo 0.105 line. Overall last longer and more durable IMO.
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  9. JDGlandscape

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    right now i use the .95 but i will say that if you are training guys the .80 is better, or at least it has been for me. it seems to be much more forgiving on the northern thin grasses. it doesnt scalp and go right down to the dirt as fast as the .95 does.
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  10. twomancrew

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    You'll see more out of a good worker than the string. I mean an experienced person running a machine with any sized line is better than a newbie with whatever. We run the 95 echo line because of the spool price we get in the Spring. I bought 80 back when we had a lot of residential to do. 95 can go right through a PVC fence on a cool morning with the wrong person on the stick I have learned. I wouldn't overthink something as simple as string. Go buy something different and try it, what are you out if you don't like it vs. what if you do?

    Ha- both sizes do a great job on dog crap.

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