96 Chevy 6.5


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SW Missouri
I am looking for a stronger truck than the F 150 I currently use. Have a chance to buy a 96 3/4 ton exten. cab 4x4. It has 6.5 turbo deisel. Are there anything to what out for with this truck/Engine? It has 103,000 miles and the guy wants 13,500
What do you think?


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I have a '97 6.5 3/4 HD and i just had injector problems.The truck just died on the highway i got it going again and it did it again not to far down the road.103K on a diesel nothing to worry about unless he beat on it but always have your manchnic look at it.

John DiMartino

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Sounds like a great deal to me.I know GM has extended the warranty on GM 6.5 pumps to 12 yrs or 120k.If he was the original owner it would transfer to you.The engine should go another 100k if it was maintained ,the trans is the best available.Good luck

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