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`98 Gravely Pro 50 walk behind mower For sale.


LawnSite Member
Hi guys I'm selling my wifes Mower. she has had enough walking for her 42 year old frame. so with that I have a `98 Gravely Pro 50 for sale.
I bought it 2 years old and I have keep it in good working order for the last 7 years. I change the oil every spring and its a one pull machine. runs great mows great and I have never had a major failure of anything like engine or deck shafts. I have replaced belts & blades as needed. right know I have the hand grip safetys over ridden because they were causing my wifes hands to hurt. I have a bunch of pics so feel free to ask questions.

as far as I know its 13 hp. I run 15w40 in it and its a pressurized oiling system( it takes a filter).
I think $1800 is a fair price for it since I can't find any other ones to compare it to except new.

I don't know how fast you can run, but this is rated at 3.9 acres an hour at full speed.

I am just west of Chelsea, Michigan. and no I do not deliver. :hammerhead: