'99-02 Walker radiator help


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I need help with '99 Walker radiator model number.

I'm wondering if any of you out there have the sticker still readable on a '98-'02 MDDGHS. To be clear, this is the 20.9hp diesel.

My radiator is shot and after taking it to a local shop I later discovered that they torched the label when removing the mounting brackets. I recall the company was JB Radiator Specialties. There was a model and (serial?) on the label also. I'm after the model#.

The local dealer wants to sell me the OEM part for $1,025 USD so I am trying to source a cheaper alternative.

Any have a cross-reference part # or somewhere I can buy one for a bit less $$?

Do any of you have a used radiator in good shape you'd be willing to part out?

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