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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by MWS LAWN, Dec 23, 2002.


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    I'm going to be needing another truck for next season. I can get a 99 3500 dodge 10' dump w/ diesel for 22,000.00. I've been debating this and reading the post by etwman I don't know if this truck would hold up. I have also heard that you can buy a new chevy 3500 dump w/ 6.0 in N.C. for 23000.00. O BTW the dodge has 49000 mile on it. Right now we run a 99 F-250 PSD- very strong and relible truck. We pull a 24' enclosed trailer w/ two ztr's and one wb in it weighs right at 8000 lbs. We will be replacing a 86 chevy 1 ton dump. We are going to use the 86 for mulch and leaf clean-up. Would like a 4x4 ton truck so we can plow snow with that as well. Do you think the dodge is worth that much.
  2. Randy Scott

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    That seems a little high personally. With all the end of year low finance programs going on now, I would seriously look at new and see what a monthly payment would be. Alot more reliabilty with new and a warranty. That '99 will be coming up on 4 years old. You really aren't too far from having a brand new unit at the cost of that '99.
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    Sounds high to me also, only good thing about it thats its a dump. I don't think Dodges hold there value, like a ford do's, not slamming dodges, but I've seen some 99 P/S's, no dumps go for almost that. Thats one of the reason I bought my 02 P/S.
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    Brand new Chevy Dumps for sale here for $26787. 6 liter V8 Heil dump, auto, AC and a couple of other options.
  5. Randy J

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    You didn't mention miles, or options, so it's hard to say. I assume it's a 4X4 from your post. I would say if it's got less than 75,000 miles, and is clean, it's probably worth it. I do know there's a dealer in San Antonio that has left over 2002 2X4 cab & chassis (no bed), and I believe he's asking around $23,500 for them. A nice dump bed is going to cost you a pretty penny!
    You didn't mention if it's an automatic or 5 speed, or 6 speed. If it's an automatic, and it's been worked hard, you might need to consider some transmission upgrades - around $1800 depending on how you have do it. If that's done, the trans will handle about anything you want to throw at it (by the way, the Ford automatics are the same way, and there have been reports of problems with the Allison transmission in the GM's). If it's a 5 speed, you might want to have the 5th gear retaining nut replaced from Standard Transmission in Fort Worth, TX. Cost is less than $1000. If it's a 6 speed, jump in and go.
    Other than possible transmission concerns, the truck will handle anything you could throw at it. And any used vehicle is going to have some maintenance issues with it. I almost bought a '93 Dodge with a 9' dump bed on it, but opted not to as it wasn't as clean as I would have liked. I wasn't afraid of the truck at all, even with 170,000 miles on it, but I wanted a clean looking truck. If this one is clean, I think I'd seriously consider it. But you might try to negotiate a lower price...


    Just as an edit: I wouldn't be afraid of this truck if it had higher mileage, as long as it was clean. I would just try to negotiate a considerably better price. Either way, good luck.
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    Before you buy the truck go have a look at some Ford trucks and you will see how much heavier duty they are compared to a Dodge :D

    Personally I wouldn't buy a Dodge they are not designed for work thats why that guy is selling the Dodge dump your looking at its probably needs more repairs than what new truck payments would cost.

    If you got your hearts set on this truck take it to a licenced mechanic and get it checked out thouroughly make sure all the suspension brakes transmission etc is fine. Check for frame cracks especially behind the cab I don't know if the truck has a rotten scissor hoist or a telescoping post hoist but if its equiped with a post hoist I would look real close at the frame.

    If you got pictures of the truck then a person can judge how much the truck is worth.

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