99 F350 PSD extended warranty

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  1. sam c

    sam c LawnSite Member
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    I just bought a plow truck; a 1999 F350,PSD,DRW,stake dump,9'fisher. It has 50 miles remaining on the 3/36 ford warranty. I can buy an additional 2 years and 40k miles warranty before it hits 36k. from ford for $2695.00 ! which includes a $500.00 additional charge because it is equiped with a snow plow.I normally do under 20k mi. per year. All mechanical items are covered accept for "normal wearing items" it sounds pretty steep to me what opinions do you guys have? Do you think i should buy it?

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  2. GeoffDiamond

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    With the plow that sounds just about right to me. The last time I priced an extended warrenty was on an F 350 pick up with 5.4 v8 and plow, that was 1900.

  3. thelawnguy

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    That sounds steep. I paid $900 to extend the 3/36 on my Dodge 2500 w/plow to 7/70 Thats the warranty that supposedly covers everything.

    I wouldnt buy a warranty on mmy next truck, Id rather get the work done quicker at a local independednt shop and pay for it than have my truck tied up at the dealer service dept.
  4. wyldman

    wyldman LawnSite Member
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    I agree with lawnguy.That is steep.I just paid $1400.00 CDN to extend my warranty (it is bumper to bumper) with chrysler.I figure one big repair (ie trans,or motor) will quickly make the warranty pay for itself.

    Another option is an aftermarket warranty,as most repair shops can do the repairs,and just claim the warranty company for re-imbursment.Do a background check on them though,as a lot of them go out of business quite quickly,leaving you stranded.Some dealers actually sell aftermarket warranties as well,and will some times back you up if the company goes under.Again,get it all in writing.

    If you know your dealer well they will hopefully get the repairs done in a timely manner.Most small repairs,we just take care of ourselves (I own a repair shop),and in the odd case the dealer has given us the parts under warranty,and let us install them.Get to know your dealer,and get it in writing that it covers plow vehicles.Some salesmen will feed you the hype,but when the service manager see's your truck they say it's not covered.Good luck
  5. plowking35

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    Replace one tranny or t case and that will pay for the warranty. Aftermarket warranty companies will not cover commercial trucks.
    And Bill, if you have the ext warranty,you are not paying the dealer for the repair, they are doing it under warranty, all you pay is the deductable.
    And that brings up another point, ask what the pricing on the warranty will be, with a 100.00 and 250.00 deductable.
  6. thelawnguy

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    Okay Ive been awake several hours so heres more from the lawnguy on the extended warranty bit:

    My extended warranty is $50 deductible. The $100 deductible wasnt much less.

    Here is what happens at the dealer-good and bad alike: you have your truck towed in (say with a blown tranny) they take a day to look at it(good dealer, bad dealer it sits for 3 days), next day the parts get ordered (or a new unit ass'y) the next day the parts come in, finally on the 4th day, if you are lucky and you have a really good dealer the truck gets put back together. If the dealer sucks it is now springtime ;) You pay the 50 deductible and also the $450 overnight next day freight for the 400 lb transmission-extended warranty will not cover freight charges beyond regular shipping.

    Now without the warranty, you tow the truck to the local shop with whom you have been doing business with on a regular basis, leave the $50 bill you would have paid for a deductible in the palm of the owners' hand, and the next day you get your truck back with a rebuilt tranny and a $1500 repair bill.

    Yes you just spent your cost of the warranty but you also got your truck back in time to plow the tail end of the nor'easter so instead of having to pay a sub $3000 to do your accounts (if you found one) you made the $2500 for your own pocket so you came out ahead.

    At least this is my view on the whole extended warranty thing. Its basically an insurance policy, each individual needs to decide how much risk (in this case, on major repairs) they are willing to assume.

    As an employee of a new car dealer years ago it was deemed preferable to put the money one would have spent on a warranty in some sort of interst- or dividend-bearing account and draw on that for major repairs, any vehicle which would greatly benefit from a warranty isnt worth buying in the first place.

    see how much a powertrain-only warranty would cost (most likely significantly less) you probably arent going to tie the truck up at the dealer for smaller failure items.

    Plowking is right with commercial truck you are pretty much a captive audience with whom you can buy a policy through. If it was a vehicle such as a pickup or something you could slide by with a policy from geico allstate western national etc. and have the work performed anywhere.
  7. wyldman

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    Most dealers can get a re-man unit or sub out the work to a local trans shop or rebuilder and get it done in a day.Used to work for Ford,and we did this all the time for commercial accounts,especially landscapers,couriers,etc.We actually subbed out all of our trans work,because good trans guys were hard to come by.Again buying from or getting to know a good dealer,preferably one who services heavy trucks,with commercial accounts,not cars,is a good idea if your going to buy their warranty.Most dealers (and manufacturers) actually prefer subbing out the work,or installing a complete re-man as cost is sometimes much lower,they don't tie up a bay and mechanic for days, and come backs are usually eliminated.

    Another thought is dealers can re-imburse you for emergency repairs covered under warranty.You could take it to another shop and have the repairs done,and get re-imbursed from the dealer.They will only do this though if your stuck when they aren't open,too far away,or they are too busy to do the repairs in a timely manner.Just check into it all ahead of time and make sure you are covered.
  8. TLS

    TLS LawnSite Fanatic
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    I personally never had opted for an extended warranty. However, Joe mechanic that I take my trucks to for inspection's/emmissions could never properly diagnose/repair a 2001 Lets say Duramax/Allison GMC. Lets say I was beyond the normal warranty and my "fleedletap on the overhead gasculatory system was not congestiating with the left of the diabolical center". Joe inspection mechanic will not see this truck, it will go to my "very good and quick" 24hr GMC Truck dealer with at least 5 Duramax/Allison EXPERT technicians that have all the electronic diagnostic equipment to properly diagnose whether it is, in fact, the left or right "diabolical center". The days of ME working on my truck are slowly dissolving. I am lucky to have a very good 24hr GMC Truck Garage (they can fit 12 full tractor trailers under roof) with like I said, at least 5 small truck EXPERTS.

    This doesn't help with your decision to opt for the extended warranty, however, Joe the mechanic would NEVER work on my new truck. He probably doesn't even know what an Allison transmission is!

    Pay now or pay later.

  9. sam c

    sam c LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for all the input. I decided not to get the warranty and the odo. hit 36k today so lets hope for the best!
  10. cat320

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    Pusher where did you hear that?

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