99 powerstroke crew cab 4x4

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by newblade, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. newblade

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    Does anyone know of any common problems on these trucks? I will be going to test drive one and was wondering if I should be looking at anything in particular.

  2. toddnks

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    I have one, the 3 most common problems are as follows

    1) CPS (Crank Position Sensor) fails causing either erratic behavior of the engine or a no start situation, the part cost $155 at my local O'riellys has a lifetime warranty and takes 10 minutes to replace.
    2) Ball Joints, for some reason Ford decided to try something new on these trucks, with ball joints, and the initial ball joints go out between 60K and 150K when replacing there are greesable replacements, they last much longer but force you to do maintenance if you want them to last. I had mine installed by ford (motorcraft) and got a lifetime warranty. The ball joints are something that I didn't think I could do myself and it cost $1000 to have them replaced by ford with the motor craft parts.
    3) A sensor on the rear end which is a $50 or so part, cant remember the name but it causes the ABS and Tranny to not work properly, it is another 10 minute fix.

    The guys at www.dieselstop.com are very knowledgeable. And the trucks while having the above issues do very well. I purchased mine with 60K on the clock, and have 107K now. I have replaced the cps 2 times, and both the rear end (I think it might be called a speed sensor) and the ball joints once.

    I keep a cps in my tool box with a ratchet and socket.

    Another issue that is correctable is that the belt routes around one of the hoses. If you replace that hose with the "Ambulance" hose this problem is removed.

    If you are looking at purchasing one of these trucks check the turbo for dusting, this was a common problem but was fixed early by ford. Some trucks have had this issue some not. Basicly the pipe/tube from the turbo to the intercooler blows off, and sucks dust into the turbo. the fins of the turbo are pitted if this happens.

    UNISCAPER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Transmissions. Worst automatic transmission ever built. We went through 3-4 on each F series truck we had within a range of 100,000 miles. One F-450 went through 4 transmissions in 52,000 miles and blew a 5th the day we sold it to a friend.

    If you are in a mountainous region like we are, if it not a stick, I would not buy it.
  4. efaubert1

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    I won't argue with uniscaper, the tranny could go out, mine did at 126k. As for 99 models, there are two versions, early and late. Before 3-22-1999 and after 3-22-99. Noteable differences are the turbo is smaller and the brakes are slightly different(smaller diameter rotors) on the pre-3-22-99 trucks. Also the spring packs WERE different on some of the pre 3-22 models. The smaller turbo sucks, period, and I am a Ford fan.
  5. captken

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    Not likely. If that hose blows off, it will not suck dust into the turbocharger. And you would definetly notice the lack of boost, as you will have no power.

    I believe that the problem of dusting was caused by the design of the air box. The air box on the early 99' get low marks for it's filtering. It was changed.


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