9HP LS Revitalizer – belts, review & comments

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by 1966vette, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. fl-landscapes

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    lack of power is definitly NOT an issue with the 13.5 hp unit we have. The first time I have a guy use it instead of me it nearly jumps out of their hands and probably would if not for the kill switch, We have thick st augustine grass here and sometimes I will smoke the belt a little, I just slow down a bit and it solves it. The only issue I have is in a real thatchy spongey st aug lawn the lowest pulley on the cutting blades will actually be touching the ground when running the machine and I think that causes belt slip. Probably not an issue on cool season grasses. Overall I am very pleased with this machine.
  2. dmc456

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    Our machine has worked great. Just check the belt tension every so often and runs like a champ.
  3. 1966vette

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    The 9 HP certainly has enough power to go up any hill if the “infamous” belt / pulley system is functioning correctly. Thus, I recommend all Turf Revitalizer renters to pick up a new $6.00 belt at auto zone for insurance & slit seed away. If the belt smokes, you will have one on hand & it is a simple remove & replace & you’re back in the fight! A spare belt is cheap insurance even for Revitalizer owners! Even if Lawn Solution resolves the “infamous” belt / pulley issue, having an extra belt on hand is a good thing.
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    If someone has to set aside time to purchase a backup belt for possible failure, then it doesn't say alot for the durability of the machine. From 6.0 to 13.5HP means the motor is more powerful but does it still rely on this particular drive belt?.. I also read the manual, are the wheels driven by belts as well or hydro pump(s)?...
  5. 1966vette

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    The 6HP & 9 HP Revitalizer that I rented used 2 belts:
    A belt was used turn the hydrostat
    I had to add (4) washers to the 6 HP Revitalizer that I rented, to obtain the correct belt tension. Maybe, this is the reason the rented system struggle to get up a hill. LS indicated that was a special belt & it had to be order from them. It did not look too special to me.

    A 2nd belt was used to turn the cutter.
    This belt can be purchased from Auto zone.
  6. jnt412

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    I would suspect the belt to the hydro was slipping in that case.. BUT. This machine was basically new. I was the third renter of this machine. If a previous renter roughed up the machine.. again, the toughness of this machine is in question. A buddy of mine rented the Bluebird slit seeder a few weeks ago and was interested in the TR and how it handled. My suggestion was, stick with Bluebird or Classen..
  7. LawnSolutionsCP

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    This t is a direct quote from our owners manual:

    The transmission and cutter belt will stretch during the first 5 hours of use. They must be adjusted to prevent the belts from slipping, causing premature belt wear. See page 13-14 for the correct procedure on adjusting the belts.
    Adjusting nuts for transmission.

    If rental stores don't do this, yes they will slip. All belts stretch during initial use. Most rental stores don't do this when they first purchase a machine and learn the hard way....or they forget due to high turn over in the larger rental chains.
  8. 1966vette

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    1. The 9 HP LS Revitalizer is an awesome machine & it performed very well when the belt pulley system is operating correctly. It did a very nice job of slit seeding my yard but I had to install (2) cutter belts & shim a drive belt.

    2. The Revitalizer is a commercial machine & in my opinion, it needs to be designed for high performance use & very low maintenance.

    3. Yes, all new belts will stretch.

    4. However, why was the belt & pulley system designed with only a manual belt adjustment?

    5. Why wasn’t the belt & pulley system designed with a spring actuated self adjusting belt tightened, like my ZTR mower deck?

    6. If an improved self adjusting belt pulley system is being designed, will there be an inexpensive easy to install upgrade for the older manual adjusting units?

    7. We both agree most rental outfits do not / will not perform the required maintenance on the Revitalizer.

    8. It is apparent to me, Lawn Solutions will have to improve the belt pulley design to solve the short belt life issues or continue to take bad press from the guys who rent the units.

    9. Lawn Solution needs to understand that when the unit is down for a simple inexpensive belt / pulley issue it cannot be used! Down means work cannot be completed & the time to repair the unit costs money. Lawn Solutions reputation suffers as well. This belt pulley issue is a very big deal to the users. The belt pulley issues are not going to go away w/o an improved design. Providing a, disclaimer, copy of the owner manual indicating when & where to manually make adjustments is not going to make the users happy w/ the Revitalizer.

    10. The beating will continue until moral improves!
    However, In this case, the customer will continue to complain & be unhappy w/ the Revitalizer until the belt pulley problem is eliminated & the rented Revitalizers are retrofitted.
  9. EastCoast

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    I have purchased TR 9hp unit and DO NOT have any of the issues you are describing. I did adjust my belts within the first 10 hours of use, but the machine has performed flawlessly, on it's original belts. Purchased in Feb. 2010 and loving it!
  10. jnt412

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    I agree...

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