A 14 year old's work and equipment.

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Exmarkboy13, May 5, 2012.

  1. Doohboy24

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    Damn i could learn quite a few things from you. Loved the little tow behind trailer with your strings and push mower on it. Absolutely Genius.
  2. TigerPops

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  3. Exmarkboy13

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    Thanks alot everyone. Ill post more pics soon.
  4. HoosierLand&Lawn

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    Really nice work man! It's good to see young, motivated young men!
  5. nnusskern

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    Good work. Im 15 and have 3 weekly maintenance customers. Was wondering how many you have?
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  6. Burnie

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    New here, But I will say "I Am Impressed", Wish ALL 14 year old had there head screwed on straight like you do, it would be a lot better world. Keep us the Awesome Work, and good luck in the future. Burnie
  7. Excellent work! Great to see a someone your age motivated and doing something other than playing Xbox. Very impressive.
  8. Kkane97

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    Knock Knock... Anyone home?????
  9. Exmarkboy13

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    Hey guys. Its been awhile. Unfortunately, I havent taken to many pictures this year, and we are pretty much done for this season, but heres afew basic mowing pics from this season. Most of these were before edging mind you. We laid about 120 yards of material this year, and cleared 30 acres of r.o.w and brush as well. Had a great year and will get you guys some better pic action next season. Best of luck

    Massimo A

    photo 5.jpg

    image copy 2.jpg

    image copy 3.jpg

    image copy.jpg

  10. Greyst1

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    You must be Italian, your fam from the old country? Work looks crisp and like you take pride in it... Like a true Italian.

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