A 75 year old lady changed prices after an agreed price.

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    Ive gotten several new accounts with door hangers. I typically use them to follow up after mass mail postcards, and/or to more specifically target areas I want to get more accounts in for tighter routes. They arent expensive, one or two accounts can pay the cost of several thousand of them.
  2. I agree they are cheap, but the return sucks IMO. Plus you have to spend time putting them out. IMO the only advertising I will spend money in the future on is a webpage. Other than that I think all other medias are a waste of time and money.
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    How many mailers/doorhangers do you send out monthly, what is the cost of printing/postage or distribution, how many responses have you had monthly and what was the net income of those responses?
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    I absolutely agree with you that the most important things to finding success in your business are quality of work, a professional crew, clean equipment, etc. If you don't have those things along with a professional attitude then it doesn't matter what kind of advertisement medium you prefer.

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    I feel doorhangers have there place. They should not be your only form of advertising, however they should be part of everyones who is still trying to grow. IMHO you should target 5 to 7 houses closest to a client you already mow at least a couple times a year.

    This of course gets your name out in a area that you are already, so you are helping keep your route tighter, but also letting them see them a couple time a year reminds them that you are already there if there current guy messes up.

    Not the best form but one I think still think plays a essential part of your advertising if you are actively trying to grow.

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