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    Hello all, I own/operate a wildlife control franchise in the southwest missouri area and service springfield, joplin, and branson. Our specialty is mole control. Use of poisons and chemicals is no good for moles, many people try to kill the grubs when the mole is after the earthworm 85 percent of the time. Can't sell earthworm control very easily. We guarantee catches of moles, over 8,000 caught in 7 years. our website for our area is WeTrapMoles.com Would love to have some lawn care guys to refer to for clients that need to "patch" up their lawn after we have removed the animals that tore it up.

    I am Joshua Jones, Owner

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    I wish you were in Jersey, because some of the areas I work in have bad mole problems. Either way, welcome to Lawnsite and good luck in '09.
  3. jjfurs

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  4. SlowMow

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    Not sure if you're still looking for someone, but I'm in SSpringfield, MO. Let me know.
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    let me know if you need someone in the joplin area might be able to help.
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    I'm in Joplin as well!!
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    wow one guy in missouri start a thread with Mo in the name and we all come out.lol
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    hey guys, if you are in my area, send me an email off my website WeTrapMoles.com and would like to meet you in person and get some cards and give you some as well

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    We are MO proud!
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    Hey I am in branson-springfield area too! Lot of my saddlebrook clients have problems with coons and moles
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