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A bad Day for Me

So Yesterday I was all pumped! I just finished a lawn, only had one more to do. Went to pull out of the church parking lot and SNAP! There goes a trailer axle! So i unload the trailer and drive the mile home on three tires. I go back with a different trailer and get all my stuff, and go home. I make a few calls, find an axle about 20 minutes north of my house, so I jump in the truck and head out. On the way up, my truck didn't want to go into OD and was acting like a brake was stuck. By the time I got home, I had NO OD or Reverse left. Thats right, within one hour I broke both a trailer axle (which is backorded) and a truck transmission! fun stuff.....days like these are when I love my work the most.
- jon


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New Jersey
Yikes! Sorry to hear that! It does seem like things break at the absolute worst times! Murphy's law...


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Firstclass, you are having some of my kind of luck. If you ever notice when something breaks it usually runs in pairs! The truck tranny will bite a lot worse than the axle though. Days like this make you appreciate the good days though.:waving:


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ToroLandscaper said:
Quality what kinda truck do you have?
Toro, I now have a 05 Tundra DC. Had a Nissan last year that was bulletproof for years but in one day lost a tranny, ac compressor, and master cyclinder. When my luck goes it goes big time!


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Clinton, NJ
Just gotta love being in your own business...just not all the time though LOL:D


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Central Jersey
We had that happen last year on our single axle open trailer. Don't mean to sound like an arse...but are you sure its the axle and not just the leaf spring? We thought it was the axle at first, but after jacking it up realized it was both leaf springs that went.


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Grand Rapids, MI
The axle actually cracked inside the hub and the tire came right off........with the lug nuts and brake drum still bolted to it!

And for the other question. It is a 99 chevy K2500hd "old body". with a vortech 350 and 4L80E tranny. Shes got 94,000 on her and has been plowed commercially all her life, so this isn't a huge surprise to me. From the initail reports, its the "sun gear" that actaully went bad