a bankrubt client that owes

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by ant, Jan 20, 2002.

  1. groundsguy1970

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    I had a Harvard lawyer go bankrupt to the tune of4.5K......:angry:
    You really can't do a thing other than "street justice" :cool:
  2. jjfehr

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    the term street justice!! This is the only way to get paid!!! Just don't do anything criminal. The guy that built my home filed and I just keep find him and hounding him for the money that I'm out. Well all I do is remind him, in private, of what I'm capable of doing to him physically if he doesn't pay. j.k. It seems to be working, I have been paid about 25% of what I'm owed so far and the other 50 unhappy homeowners have yet to hear from him! morale of the story.. Be a pain in the ass and remind him of what you can do to him, off the record of coarse!. If you are less confrontational that I, maybe you should take the others advice and kiss your money good bye. Seriously though, I will collect money for you if you give me half of what I collect.
  3. Chuck Sinclair

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    You better be careful after he has filed he is protechted by federal law (The one you are breaking) if he reported you it would be big trouble for you.
  4. John Allin

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    Real big trouble.....
  5. Atlantic Lawn

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    I try to never let anyone get into me for more than two months,more than that and I start askin' questions.
  6. ant

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  7. MowJo

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    Hey man I feel your pain!! I just found out a hotel we service filed chapter 11 bankruptcy...two contract payments up in smoke unless I get lucky.

    I did get good info on their situation (my situation too) from their website. Fortunately they are big enough that they felt they needed to explain what the H@#$ was going on. At least I feel informed.

    Its a waiting game...sorry man.
  8. Groundcover Solutions

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    One of our customers went bankrupt but they only owed us $300. i found out when i went to her house for the 5th time to collect the money and she told me that she was going bankrupt. i will probably never see a dime

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