A bargin..or not?.. FS80

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowisme, Apr 27, 2009.

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    Thought this was a real deal when I picked them up- 2 Stihl trimmers..but think they are called brushcutters? they have the bike handles and large heads that have both 3 plastic knives and 2 strings sticking out. They are a matching pair with minor work required. already replaced fuel lines. This is why I'm wondering if I wasted my money..(only $20 for pair!)..or should I say wasting my time. The dealers here are having trouble coming up with right 'primer' bulbs? These are mounted on tank..not carb. Also the carb just has a 'stihl' number on it..I.E.(2I10NB) So not finding 'kit' for carbs? they are just listing kits for Walbro,Zama..ect. SO- they do run but want to get them in top-notch order. Start hard with craked primer bulbs too. Do I just put them on back shelf? Were these old trimmer/brushcutters decent enough to warrant searching on for parts? Thanks- Geno P.S. Solo operation so can get by with my Echo's if need be, but like the power these seem to have.

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