A better way to stay organized..


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This year I would like to stay more organized one what we do in a months time. this will be my 3rd year, and the past 2 years I have been semi- un organized, forget to write stuff down that we have done, etc. This year I would like to really stay focused and on task when it comes to keeping record of everything we have done. I know something simple would obviously just write down on a piece of paper what we did, hedging, how many hours etc. But i want to be more professional about it. My buddy does all my quick books/invoices, on his computer. But how do you guys keep record of things you do... is there a computer program out there that i can just keep at my house... please throw some ideas out there... thanks in advance.


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Come up with something that works for YOU and is EASY (or convenient if you like that word better). If your system for keeping track of things isn't easy for you to do or isn't something that works for YOU, I can guarantee that you won't be staying orgainized very long. Just because one thing works for someone else, doesn't mean that it will work for you.

For me, I've got a couple different spreadsheets for certain things and I do have quickbooks. All the daily jobs are recorded as they are completed on paper in the truck and transferred to the computer.

Experiment with a few things and find something that you like and can stick to.


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Keep a log book in the truck. (staples $20) Every time you shut off truck log time in, name, service, etc.. Same thing at gas station, mulch supplier, parts store, etc.. Take log book in house and transfer info to computer, hand written invoices, whatever. Save last years books for reference. It helps to make it a habit all year,


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Note book for me - only problem there are times when wife can't read what I wrote and neither can I. But when big jobs come in such as shrubs, rock, mulch all that is entered into our quick books inventory and wam-bam there is are stuff. That works great but takes leg work to enter all that info but once it's in the system your good to go.b


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Whatever works for you. Something as simple as a notebook or good size calender. Regardless, the biggest issue is self discipline in dedicating yourself to writing stuff down when you do it. Forming a bad habit is easy, forming a good one is sometimes hard.


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I agree with all of the above, heck I use a clipboard with a blank piece of paper everyday, then I just transfer info to my computer or smartphone.

If you have an iPhone/iPad their are some really neat apps to use like
-Signnow -- digitally sign documents, contracts, PDF's etc.
-Thank you Pro -- send a thank you card, sign it, and everything using this
-Due -- reminders, alerts, etc.
-Square -- credit card payments
-Invoice2go -- upload your logo, send invoices via email.

Biggest thing for me is to remember to write down what I am trying to remember :dancing:


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every year I say I'm gonna keep better track of things, this usually comes about this time of the year when I go to prepare stuff for my taxes and realize that I did a horrible job of it the previous year.
What I've found to be the best way to do it is to take an old tissue box and keep it in the truck to stuff all my receipts in. At the end of the week, I empty out the box and file everything away. I also keep a legal pad with me which goes back and forth every day from my truck to my office. I write everything down I possibly can and keep a couple extra pens in the truck and highlighters to note important stuff. Another thing I do that helps keep me organized (might be kinda silly to some) is I clean my trucks. Even though they are work trucks and I spend a lot of time cleaning them only to be dirty 2 days later, I find that if the inside of them is clean, I have a harder time crumpling papers and throwing them on the floor, or just causally throwing receipts on the seat, I seem more motivated to put things where they can be organized when the truck is clean in an effort to keep it clean.

Whatever "system" you come up with, the easiest way to stay organized is to just do a little bit at a time. I sit down every DAY and go through my notes, return phone calls, check my calender (which, btw is NOT where I mark down jobs that are scheduled), take care of whatever business needs to be taken care of that day. I sit down once a WEEK and go through all of my receipts and organize everything, write checks and pay bills, figure out who has sent me payments and who owes me money, check the job schedule for the upcoming week and plan accordingly. I sit down once a MONTH to create invoices and organize and file all the invoices and any other paperwork associated with the previous month so that way everything is organized by month come tax season. It sounds simple, but theres a lot of times where I've had a long day, and when I get home all I want to do is sit out on the back patio with a beer, and theres a lot of weekends where its beautiful and I want to be outside just enjoying the weather, but I have to FORCE myself to sit down and take care of business. And by doing a little bit every day, it saves a TON of headache and work in the end. As much as I sometimes have to force myself to spend 20-30 min a day doing paperwork, I have to remind myself that its better than the alternative of spending entire weekends in the office drowning in an un-organized mess of paperwork 3 months old trying to get caught up!


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Last year I tried doing it in excel. Come home and write down who I cut and how much and color the price according to whether they paid or not. But then towards the end of the season I stopped. So this year Imma keep a binder and hand write it in and have columns for paid, and how much they paid. and then imma have a separate tab in the binder for mileage. just try to force myself to write it in before I drive to the next house. So far the binder hasn't made it in my truck yet and I have like 3 different pieces of papers in my truck with the mileage and I have forgotten the date for the last time i cut some yards lol.


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Check out Getgopher.com. I just bought the pro version last week and I love it. Very easy to schedule and print invoices at the end of the month. Under expenses I made a few business categories and also made a mileage log category.