A big fall clean up

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Wright48, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Wright48

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  2. Wright48

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  3. Wright48

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  4. DixieFerris

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    Obviously the part of this cleanup that is time consuming is having to bring all the leaves out to the front since it looks like you can't just blow them into the back. I'm going to guess that with a 4 person crew like I would put there, 3 backpacks and 1 person running the zero turn with the cyclone rake and putting the leaf vac either streetside or in the driveway that job would take us about 2 to 2.5 hours
  5. joef450snowplow

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    holy leaves, how long did that take you to do?
  6. gasracer

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    I think "Big" is a understatement. Too bad you couldn't mulched part of them as you were picking them up. I hope you a vac truck to pick them up from the street.
  7. Wright48

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    Couldn't used any push blowers the terrain was to rocky and steep in the back yard and I ran a three guy crew took just over 4 hrs we also trimmed the shrubs there and had to bush wack the back property for the winter the leave pile I feint was 8 feet high by 35 feet long and that was the first of three like that that day haha
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  8. bobcat48

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    Yikes.thats alot of leaves for my liking.good job cleaning them up.
  9. albhb3

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    um blow them all down next time looks to me as you have more than enough slope to take them down the side there
  10. newjerseylandscaping

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    holy leaves batman that mustuv gotten old fast. HAha

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