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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FourTrees, Mar 2, 2010.

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    I know I can get hot headed on here sometimes and I often let my sarcasm show, but I do learn some good things here and I hope the best for everyone one out this year.

    Threads were someone loses there best accounts due to economy, such as . . .
    . . . always worry me a bit. Grassman I feel for you. Its tough sometimes. I read this thread just after going out and walking six HOA properties, I had wanted to bid on. After walking them I did not even waste my time bidding them as the Property Manager, basically said. 'Just to let you know many of these homeowners are struggling and will most likely going with the lowest bid.' This was said repeatedly and in more than one way. For a few reasons these were properties I definitely did not want to bid on at the lowest competing ranges. Distance from shop being the largest reason.

    So hearing today that I have retained winning bid on some of the larger HOA's I do work for has brought some relief. (still have some out there, but as long as they have not yet come in decided against me; I still have hope.):)

    I hope that each of you will find success even in these hard times. There is plenty of grass to cut out there and those that take pride in their work and do a good job will hopefully make it to see a better year.:waving:
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    thanks buddy. i am still loking at numbers on a new bidi mentioned on here. very extensive for such a small area. it measures around 155000 sqft, but over 30 houses with narrow drives(is private streets not public) and just kinda crazy layout with tons of berms and trees, pine trees surround the entire place INSIDE the fence and on berms.

    i am debating on the time to mow around 3.5-4 hrs with crew of 3. that makes a big difference in price per mow so i am fighting which i want to use as a figure. tons and tons of trimming and blowing. mulching is another thing too, with so many individual beds but a total price-- difficult. may have to go for a per yd installed costs to make it easiest.

    once i have those two numbers ironed out, the rest comes easy and are either direct formulas or forulas involving those numbers.

    good luck on the other bids you place for 2010, and i would have walked away from those that preach about lowest bid too, as rarely am i such and dont want to be either.

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