A bobbygedd moment?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1MajorTom, Sep 10, 2003.

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    This post is just in fun. It's just that I could see this happening to Bobby. He always has stories to tell. ;)

    Got a call from Matt the other evening when he was working late. Says, "You remember that lady that called the cops on me for parking my truck in the alley?" I said, "Yeah I remember."
    He says, "Well now her daughter is at it." He goes on to say that the daughter who is roughly about 10 years old, comes out and screams at him to move his truck. (Last time, the mom called the cops on Matt. When the cops arrived, basically they told Matt that there was something wrong with those people because they have a lot probems, and that his truck was fine).

    So Matt tells the girl, "There's plenty of room to get thru." Girl says, "No, there's not, move the truck." Matt says, "Go have your mama call the cops on me", and he starts up the mower.
    He starts cutting, but sees the girl still standing there shouting, but he can't hear what she is saying. So finally he turns the mower back off. He says he has to listen three times to finally be able to figure out what she is saying.

    She is chanting this at him.
    U-G-L-Y.... You don't have no alibi.... You're ugly.. You're ugly...
    U-G-L-Y.... You don't have no alibi.... You're ugly.. You're ugly...
    And she just keeps chanting this.
    Finally he sees her mom, and all she is doing is standing behind her daughter while she says this over and over.

    Matt says, "Turn and around and say that to your mama", and fires up the mower.
    They stood there the whole time while he cut the grass.
    Strange people to say the least.

    And that's our Bobbygedd moment for the evening. ;) :D
  2. LOL

    There are some strange ones. I think there should be a law that if people like that get into trouble, the fire departement should not be allowed to rescue them. That way they can't multiply.
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    I've always wondered why those are the type of people who procreate the most. They need to have their tubes tied before they learn what sex is (at the age of 5). Obviously they don't learn about birth control in time, if at all, to stop the cycle.
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    I take it this job was near the mental institution? :D

    My partner had a guy come out and jump all over him about mowing too early. It was just before 9am and he requested that the property be mowed later. Only problem, it's not his property we mow, it's the neighbors :dizzy: My partner tells him that really isn't possible, it just happens to be on that route and that is usually when it is lined up. Guy walks off mumbling something. Twenty minutes later, the cops show up. The guy has called and reported our truck and trailer as an abandoned vehicle. Next time I go over there, the guy will get BobbyGedd'd if he comes out :D
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    did u ever stop to think, maybe the little girl, and her mother, were hitting on him? thats what i would have thought. besides, the last time people chanted at me, "u r ugly, and u dont have no alibi.....", it was two detectives, trying to make me confess.
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    LOL.........that was funny.

    How ugly are you anyway?
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    There is not enough humor in our daily lives. I am so very greatfull for the silly people that make us laugh.....:)

    I have 2 stories about one commercial we do.

    An old man across the main street for a couple weeks was yelling at us for blowing our debris across to his house. OK that is not happening to begin with. One week he drives around and pulls into the parking lot, blocks the trucks and said he called the cops.
    Cops arrive, now mind you this old man is drunk. He is throwing a hissy fit, and I ask the officers to watch my men as they are blowing. They ask if that is how we do it every week. I said yes and so did the old man. Cops tell him to stop the nonesense and go home. He gets in his car, now one cop asks me, if he actualy drove there and thinks if he is driving home. I said yes and I guess so. No sooner did the old mine drive out of the parking lot, they stopped him and arrested him for drunk driving.

    To this day some 7 or 8 years later the old man has not looked at us.


    Another neighbor of that property along the parking lot. Was complaining that we blow the leaves through the fence onto her yard. And she is complaining about the back. There is a chain link fence that is the commercial property and she has a stockade up against it.

    So one day while we are there she and her daughter bring a few garbage bags of leaves and rip them open and throw it all over the parking lot. I call the police. The police discuss the problem with her and there is nothing they can do, she is told to clean up the mess. I said no worries we will do it. She is told to leave us alone and to stop littering. She goes back to the house, comes back with 2 more bags of leaves, rips them open and yells some nonesense to us.

    I ask the cops to arrest her. They said they would need someone that is a representative of the property to authorize and press charges. I said fine, I will. I go onto say that this property is part of the church that I am a parissioner and my father is trustee. Apparently they knew of my father. Woman was arrested and the DA prosecuted for littering, trespassing, and a biased crime (forget that exact charge)

    Now that was the same year as the top story.

    I don't get involved with situations like that. Those people can't be reasoned with, but they do make for some interesting stories.
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    And here i thought Connecticut was bad.
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    Those are two great stories. Maybe that old guy has found something better to do now besides get drunk and harass the lawn guys. And as far as the mother, what a role model.

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