a "brief"story of how Extreme Lawn Co. came to be

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by E.L.Co, Aug 27, 2009.

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    My name is Kyle Hunt and I'm a 18 year old from San Antonio Texas. All my extended family lives up north in Minnesota but me and my mom like Texas. I've been working since age 15 for retail stores and a landscape company to try and lessen the financial burden on my mom and insure my very smart sisters get a good education. i started it out with a mower in the bed of a jacked up 94 chevy i bought and a year and a half ago lined up 3 k worth of tree jobs, took my substance abusing fathers credit card and bought a trailer (14 ft landscape) and a 192 tc stihl saw. a week later i gave him that 3 grand and told him what i had done. hahaha he wasn't that mad i guess. well about 3 months ago he took his life and i spent all i had to go bury him up north and came back with bills on the table. i now service 25 accounts and average 2-3 installs/tree jobs a week.i took after my old man and wrecked my 2007 chevy 2500 into a fence and a lightpole but now im not a drunk the trucks back in action and im trying to get my irrigation license and further better our situation. If i got too personal im sorry but it was essential to explain why im a business man and want to make something of my self one day. -thanks for reading my long drawn out post
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    hope i didnt scare off any potential replies. haha :]
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    You don't scare me:nono: It's actually comforting to know that some of our youth is out there working for a living trying to better his/her life as well as their families, instead of robbing the weak or hustling drugs to the youth. You started off good in the story and the only thing that sounds like a stupid mistake is wrecking a work vehicle, while drunk. Stupid! I hope you learned from it. Without it, those 20 accounts will be taken care of by someone else who doesn't need em' as much as you do. Keep your head level, stay focused and lay off the sauce. You will have plenty of time for that later. Take care of what's important and good luck. Sorry to hear about your dad*trucewhiteflag*
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    ah the first one to reply and what a great reply it was:) ive made stupid mistakes at a young age but now im on the right path and am having fun...working all day is so much better than high school.[i graduated in advanced classes, barely haha] thanks again
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    Sounds like you are making decisions that most "kids" start to realize at the age of 25 or so.

    Your on the right track. Keep it up!

    Don't be afraid to take a step back for yourself though. Sometimes we can get wrapped up in helping other feeling like it's our duty. Sure, we want to support our friends and family, but you need to find a balance in there.

    You started young, so hopefully in 5 years or so you'll post back and tell us how successful you are. Thumbs Up
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    thank you i look forward to starting a thread and keep yall posted. the encouraging words are appreciated:)
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    Sounds like you are a real stand-up kid that has tried to care for his family. You're in a great industry and in a great place to grow a business. I'd like to give you a free membership in ALMA that will give you a lot of information and support that will help you grow your business the right way. I'm sorry to hear about your pop. Hope the rest of your family is doing well. email me and I'll get you started.


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