A BUG tried to eat my trailer!!!! WRECK!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jason Rose, Sep 16, 2005.

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    What a way to start the morning....

    Long story... This is on the street right behind my house, in front of my garage. I pulled over there this morning to load my aerator and slicer and seed, and so on. I never stop in back in the morning I usually always load everything I need the night before. Today I decided to do some overseeding on a lawn and Dion't want to have ot come back home for the equipment so I went around back at about 7:50 to load it up. The street runs east-west. If you have been on the road in the am. you know how bad the sun is! There was a HEAVY dew this morning and even with my wipers ON I could not see anything facing east with the sun on my windshield. I only had to travel a couple hundred feet and I was able to pull over and stop to get into my garage. I looked in my sideview mirror before I opened my door, as I always do, and see thei bug behind me. I assumed he was slowing to allow the car in the other lane past so he could go around me. WRONG! He couldn't see anything either and didn't even know my rig was there. I saw him as he hit my trailer! I could see that he was holding his hand up trying to see, but the glare was too much. His beetle was not too bad, A arm pretty tweeked and the fender, hood, grille. No airbags even deployed in it! He was probably going 15 mph.

    My trailer was completely knocked off the ball. Bent the he!! out of the receiver hitch. Bent up the gate, and COMPLETELY TWEAKED THE FRAME! Axles are not even close to being in line now. Pushed the drivers side about 1 to 2 inches forward. Equipment was pretty much ok, stirred around, gas cans were upside down and dumping out, but other than that I got seriously lucky with my equipment. My trailer is going to take some work. Body shop estimate is around $1,000. It really dosn't look that bad, but the hitch is totally f'ed and since the wheels don't track straight I'm just burning rubber off the tires by pulling it. His insurance is paying (I HOPE) they have contacted me but it will be monday before their trailer guy can look at it.

    Statistics say that something like 60% of accidents happen within 6 blocks of home. I BELIEVE IT! And I'm now a statistic!

    I will update more as things come in. As it stands It will be next week sometime before I can get into the shop. Thankfully I have a small 6x10 trailer I can get by with for a while!

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    The bug not TOO bad??? LOL !!!
    Well I lost a jackstand today, had to pull over and walk back to get that but am sure glad I've never had this problem yet. Now on my truck the entire rear frame is bent and was bent like that when I bought it, it's really not that big a deal except sometimes it lacks a bit of clearance.

    The only other question I have is why do Lco's carry extra fuel in containers, isn't that dangerous?
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    My Ztr's only hold 5 gallons :p and I still need to fuel the walkbehinds! Dangerous? Not at all! Unless there's an accident... I fuel up 2 times a week. If I didn't carry the cans I'd need to 2 times a DAY!
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    Ok, I gotcha, took me time to get it but everything easily lasts all day thou in the case of a 5-gallon Ztr, I guess that would consume more fuel / hour so yeah... Now the wb lasts me all day easy on a full tank, it has fuel left over all the time, I just got tired of hearing the fizz of evaporating octane on a hot day.

    Hey at least your backpack blower is ok, that thing got close to getting smashed between truck + trailer :)
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    Hay, how come that hitch let go?
    I saw a air stream trailer down in tenn. on I40 rolled over, car was still attatched and on 3 of the 4 wheels. I didn't think those super hitches were supposed to let go of the ball. that ball should be broke off in the hitch.
    that hitch looks like you could change out the insert and a new ball hitch up and be gone.
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    Bent the heck out of that trimmer also. Does it "sthil" work with a "bent" shaft like that? Just kidding, glad you or noone was hurt.
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    So you going to start exterminating now?? lol

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