A/C conversion from R-12 to R-134a

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Rich2, Apr 13, 2001.

  1. Rich2

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    I have an '85 C10. Has anyone had any experience with the kits out to convert older vehicles to R-134a? Years ago, there seemed to be a big deal about such a conversion, but now the kits have, as the main component, a screw on fitting so that a R-134a connector can be used. Add oil, add refrigerant, and that's it. I bought such a kit, but before I commit myself, I thought I'd check this forum. The kit I have indicates that it should be filled with R-134a to 85% of the system's capacity, but it doesn't say why. Will my truck explode? Turn into a pumkin?n What?

    Any input will be appreciated.
  2. mike reeh

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    i converted my truck with a kit a few months ago.. the kit made by interdynamics. it went well, and all things considered, the AC still blew pretty cold.

    as for fill capacity, dont know exactly why, but im sure theres a reason.. im also sure that it doesnt make that much of a difference :) i just recently got a guage to measure how much pressure is in the system, and before, I would just add as much as it would take, and since it leaked, a can every couple months.. it went fine.

    if the system is completely empty or you vented it to the atmosphere, id seriously recommend getting the whole system vaccuum'ed out (i could not think of different wording for that) in other words a shop will completely remove any moisture or contaminants from the lines, which Ive been told makes a BIG difference.. i think moisture breaks down the refrigerant, or something..

    the only real arguement Ive heard against the conversion is that the old R12 hoses are not designed for 134A and therefor will tend to leak slowly.

    on a related note, i was at a car show and this guy was selling this replacement refrigerant that made all these claims that it cools better than r12/134a, is safer, does this, that, etc.. i unfortunately dont remember the name but I meant to find out about it. anyone know the stuff im talking about? actually another guy that I know, who works in the heating&air business, gave me a brochure for some refrigerant that also was supposed to be superior, but it was kind of expensive and was mainly used in homes/buildings... from what Ive seen there are quite a few different refrigerants out there, wish there was an unbiased source of information on that stuff, with some real-life test results..

    ive been collecting cans of r12 over the last couple years, as I buy old vehicles.. so far Ive got 2 vintage cans, when I get 4 or more I think I might really run R12.. right now, cost keeps me from having a shop charge it with r12..

    let us know how it goes

  3. Dave1250

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    The pressure is higher there is more thing that should be changed high pressure switch should drain as much oil as possable replace with Ester or pag oil there is a site on the internet check 4 season with out the right oil you probley will burn out the compressure in a year or two they are not cheap $150.00 and up .hope this helps
  4. karl klein

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    i work on air conditioners the refrigerant that this guy was talking about is called hot shot it is better than r12 and r134a and cheaper r134a does tend to leak from r12 systems becuase it is made of smaller molicules i would find somebody to put hot shot in it it works a lot better i replaced my r134a with it and it works real well
  5. mike reeh

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    yup i think that was it, hot shot.. i think i might have to look into getting a big cylinder of the stuff..

  6. Rich2

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    Thanks everyone for the input. I was away for the weekend and just now got to look at the replies. Someone around here told me of another substitute called "Freeze 12" that is supposed to be better than R-134a. Although this fellow said it can be found anywhere, it hasn't been in any of the stores I've checked and they've never heard of it. I do know it exists since he was waving a can of it when he told me about it. Whether it is any good or not, I don't know.

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