a cool idea..litteraly COOL...lol

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by jasonlandscape, Aug 9, 2007.

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    a cool idea..litteraly COOL...lol

    rig up some type of water tank and water pump to your walk behind and then get some hosing or piping and make a mister...makes the air like 20-30 degrees cooler...i mean ur sweat is already making u wet so who cares.

    u could go as far as making a little halo that would suspend of u and mist downward.
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    I thought there was at one time something just like that on the market...small pump up water container with a section of hose attached to it. The mist nozzle had a clip of sorts attached to it so you could clip it to your cap, hat, collar...etc. You could do the same with a small plastic spray rig. You just attach the (cold) water container to the mower & clip the hose to your hat. You could cobble this together for the cost of a cheapo mister set from homo depot for under 15bux....well + the cost of a small garden sprayer( if you didn't aready have one laying around)

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