A couple last things I'm selling

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    Hey guys, just have a couple things left that I'm trying to get out of my shed.

    Amber LED strobe light w/ extra magnetic suction cup-$200
    6 gas cans-$5 each/All 6 for $20

    I am not looking to ship....make offers! Thanks. Message me here, email at bill@standforstrength.com, or call at 732-966-1689
  2. tbambersvc

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    Sent you a PM D.

    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
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    Hey man....sent a response! Just a quick update:
    All I have left is the amber LED light...
  4. Gman2310

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    You have pic of light and know what brand?
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    Hey man...sorry I just saw this...for some reason it won't let me upload pics on here, but if you want to message me your email I will gladly send you pics and a vid of it working. Also the brand is Buyers! Thanks for the interest!
  6. matt10486

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    havent talked to you in a while man. i looked on my friends list on facebook, youre no longer there. hope all is well

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