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    So it looks like holiday lighting is going to be a good addition to my business. I have signed a few residential contracts with out my advertisements going out yet. But the thing I am most proud of is I lined up one of my contractors I do irrigation and lighting installs for. He has two streets with a total of 28 built houses just about ready for sale, most of them have the exterior completely done. We will be decorating the exterior of all of these houses, he gets the curb appeal for sales and I get the marketing. This is going to be an investment up front for me as he is only renting them and we are hanging, removing and storing for free, so we agreed that the contract will be for three seasons. If he sells the house then the new property owner will have the option to buy the lights and continue service with us the fallowing years. For any houses that do not sell, or any new property owner that chooses not to have us continue the service for them, the contractor must rent at least 90% of the remaining product each year. This should look pretty impressive with a whole development lit up. I have a close friend with his pilots liceanse and a small 4 seater plane, i am deffinetly thinking of doing an arial night shot of these. It is all set on a hand shake for now, just waiting for my attorney to OK the contracts and to get them signed.

    I also lined up with a commercial real estate company who gave me a spot in their office in a high foot traffic area in the down town section of one of the wealthiest Boston Suburbs. We will be decorating the buildings which has a dance school, pizza chain, Laundromat, very high end Italian restaurant, and a few other small stores and businesses. We will decorate the roof lines, the street trees, garland around the entrances and wreaths on the doors. The property owner is giving us a 5' high x 6' wide window to do a display in and a second 5'x8' window to letter for advertisement. We will leave brochures with their receptionists and I will meet with them so that they can answer the basic questions for potential customers who walk in and refer them to us. Whats good is that their office is open from 9am to 8pm so they are their for most of the foot traffic. The are working with their tenants to allow us to letter the corner of their windows with an advertisement for us. This is going to cost me a little bit as we are doing this all no charge in exchange for the large amount of advertising they will be giving us. I expect this to have a much higher return than post card advertising.
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    Honestly I really hope these deals work out for you. I would love to hear a report after the season is over. I really mean that. and not to rain on your prarade. we have tried some similar arrangements and have had some luck, but not a lot. we did some stuff like that our first few years in business. doing presentation installs like you talk about does have benefits- It keeps you busy and it is good training for the guys. You also do a lot of learning about gfci's, cords, timers, etc.

    a few years back, A friend of mine did this one small nice neighborhood for $150 per house, front faces of about 20, 300k plus houses, thinking that foks would add and buy mini-lights, garland, wreaths at full price. 1 house bought a wreath. I think he went through about 3k in material and 2-3k in labor. yes, it looked really cool. all kinds of folks drove through the neighborhood and he had signs out in 6 places. he sold 2 jobs from the signs. only 3 houses in the neighborhoods wanted to pay $600 per house the following year. They were probably about 200-250 linear foot or so per house.

    I find that a 2k-3k investment in postcards typically will bring you 20-30k in sales if you mail to the exactly right neighborhoods and you have what I call some credibility or reinforcement marketing going on elsewhere. folks get postcards, then they check the internet for website or google, or they check the yellow pages or they see your trucks with graphics. Perhaps you are in the paper or on a local newscast. truthfully, though, A postcard alone many times does not create sales.

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