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A couple of pics.

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Well, I got to clear about a 1/2 acre yesterday, and took some pics. We used a case 580L 4x4... Now that most of the heavier stuff is cleared I have to mow all the taller grass and crap back at the back of the lot.

Overview of the job-

The brush piles-

The 580-

There was supposed to be some barn wood in those piles,but I didn't see any. If there was i should have saved it but what was left was rotted and falling apart... And I AM NOT going to pick through the pile to get it.
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What a TLB?:p
Sorry Ozz, the only reason I'd take a TLB or track loader is to trade in on a big skid or excavator.:)
I'm just poking ya with a stick.:) I know we all do stuff different.
Got the new Construction Equipment today and I know Ozz is giddy after reading this, 62,000 pounds of hurt, what is the price tag for this animal? :weightlifter:
Ozz, I didn't know you were rolling PowerTan/VTS style?
No way... I just run it. It belongs to my uncle. Junior... I'm your age. No G.D way I could own 300k worth of equipment. Anyway,There are a random collection of deerstands on the property too.
It's called leverage, although you can ask me and it isn't always fun scrapping for payments.:dizzy: But it is nice having nice equipment.:)
1 - 6 of 28 Posts
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