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A couple of pics.

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Well, I got to clear about a 1/2 acre yesterday, and took some pics. We used a case 580L 4x4... Now that most of the heavier stuff is cleared I have to mow all the taller grass and crap back at the back of the lot.

Overview of the job-

The brush piles-

The 580-

There was supposed to be some barn wood in those piles,but I didn't see any. If there was i should have saved it but what was left was rotted and falling apart... And I AM NOT going to pick through the pile to get it.
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Using a tire to start a fire was common practice around here not anymore that can land you some serious fines. If your suspected of burning a tire your fire will be put out and inspected for steel cord or you will get inspected after your fire has burned out.

The enviroment/Forestry inspectors look for tire cords and they also look for the metal handles off of 5 gallon oil buckets.

To burn a machine piled fire you need a permit from the fire dept a permit from the forestry (govt) you can only burn when the weather is raining or overcast.
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