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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Turf Dancer, Jan 25, 2003.

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    First of all do the Exmark WB decks require altering to put an accelerator bagger on them ?

    Second I am looking at buying a 36" WB hydro, Will there be any major difference in the Viking and TT HP as far as scalping goes ?

    Third I have a dealer who has a 48" 2002 model new in the crate who offered me a deal of $3500 if I buy it soon is this a good deal ?

    Fourth Why doesn't exmark put the Kawi on the 32" Viking ?

    Fifth I cut 95" of my lawns at either 2.5" or 3.0" so will height adjustment be problem with the hydro viking or TTHP ?

    Any Input would be great thanks
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    Turf Dancer

    Thanks for the post.

    I don't know which if any Exmark decks require modifications for the grass catcher. I would assume that they would be able to tell you what if any modifications are required.

    When comparing the fixed deck 36" decks to 36" floating deck the difference in scalping is much less significant than comparing 48" and larger decks. The floating deck will however be less likely to scalp on the discharge side rear corner. The real advantage is the PTO engagement, ease of belt adjustments and ease of cutting height adjustments.

    If the 48" is a hydro take it and run at that price. List on that same machine in a 2003 model is about $4600.

    The Kohler is the only offering for several reasons. One of them is the popularity of that Kohler engine in what is traditionally Kohler markets and another is because it's a good torquey engine without going to a more expensive twin cylinder.

    The .5" cutting height change won't be a big issue with either the Viking or the TTHP. Once you move into the 1.5" and larger changes the TTHP has a big advantage.


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    Thank you. As always you timing and information are both excellant.


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