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    Hi, PJ I had a couple of questions for you

    1) Why do hustlers with the Donaldson air filter not have an inner and outer filter from the factory? Would it be beneficial to add this to our units? The reason I ask is due to an earlier post in the Commercial Lawn Care forum titled Super Z question. I own an 03 super mini z, but others have expressed concern for 04 super z units and others. One member asked a dealer and did not get a straight answer

    2) I run doubles on my machine (25/52) and was wondering at what throttle level should I engage my blades. I have read numerous other posts, and everybody has a different answer for this query. I would just like to extend the life of my clutch and belts for as long as possible

    Thanks for all your input on these and other matters discussed previously. This site and forum has been an amazing source of information and entertainment for me.

    Matt Litnon, Cutter LLC
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