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    First off I wanna say I am new to the sight, but I am gonna jump right to it.

    Back when I was 19, 20 years old I worked for a Lawn maintainence/irrigation company. I was pretty good at my job and enjoyed the work. I have always loved working outside. Now lets fast forward, in 08 I stated a construction business, mostly working on foreclosed home. We do all of the repairs, clean up the homes and maintain the yards, trim tees, bushes, plant flats of flowers, mulch, ya'll get the point. Anyway I want to get out of that side of the work because most of the compaines you do work for are crooks and thiefs. It has made it difficult for me to go out and look for more work, run my crews I have going out and to fight people in court for not paying, and my company has suffered for it. So here recently I went and got Licensed for Backflow Prevention tester, thinking I can make decent money, doing it on the side, which it is. Also at the same time I am completing my bachelors degree in Bussiness management. So I thought I would be able to get a decent paying job with my degree and do the BPAT on the side, but that hasn't been the case. So this past week I went and took Texas irrigation class, and I am currently waiting to take the state exam, because I want to do irrigation install/repair and landscape lighting. So now that you have some back ground here are my question.

    I am wanting to name my irrgation company something different. The name of my construction company is Lindy Lei Construction INC. and I thought about naming the irrigation Anders irrigation, because that is my last name. I need help with coming a name for my company, I want when the name of my company is seen or said that you think of Water conservation, sustainability, green. Can ya'll please help me out with some Ideas for a new business name.

    Other names I have considered: ECO Irrigation, Green by Design.

    I would greatly appreciate and suggestions you all have.

    Thanks in advance

    Paul Anderson
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    Please not Lindy Lei Irrigation. Sounds to whimsical. How about Anders Irrigation Solutions?
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    I think you answered your own question in your post. You say you want the name to say water conservation, sustainability and green when people look at it. Soo...how about...

    Ander's Green Sustainable Water Conservation Irrigation lol just kidding...sorry...

    Just a tidbit I've always heard to not put your business format in your business name. For Example INC, LLC, etc. While yes you want a potential customer to look at your business and be confident in your promises to provide sustainable conservative irrigation services you can always mention you are incorporated or whatever in your mission statement somehow....

    Good luck. Sorry I was no help...long day...little bit goofy...

    How about "Won't Spill A Drop Irrigation"
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    " thank you for calling AAAAAAAAAnderson Irrigation"

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