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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by LawnsharkMB, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. LawnsharkMB

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    I'm new at this website thing and I'm trying to do this myself.


    I created a site on go daddy. My question is should I be using html to create my pages or the icons on godaddy?

    Is godaddy a good place to do a website or should I do it somewhere else?
  2. A. W. Landscapers  Inc.

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  3. tonygreek

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    Some of us think GoDaddy's web site builder creates brochureware sites with inefficient, antiquated code. Some of us know that their hosting is among the worst out there. To me, that's 2 for 2 in the categories you don't want to be 2 for 2 in.

    Those of us familiar with it highly recommend squarespace.com for DIY efforts.

    If you search this forum for godaddy or squarespace, you can read previous thoughts and opinions. If you look at the thread directly below this (Grade my website), you'll see that, not only is godaddy mentioned, but so is your particular theme.
  4. LawnsharkMB

    LawnsharkMB LawnSite Senior Member
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    Does this mean I don't have to go in and enter html codes manually? The software basically does it for me, I just have to enter the information?
  5. tonygreek

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    You got it. If so inclined, you can edit the css styling and add code, as well.
  6. Xener

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    I would second the move away from GoDaddy. I've worked with people that had GoDaddy sites (they wanted better SEO, better looking template, a blog, etc.) and it is an older system that is more difficult to use and with greater limitation than sites like the aforementioned squarespace.com. For starter or small business sites, squarespace.com, wix.com, etc. offer better service than GoDaddy. Additionally, GoDaddy just seems to offer bad advice. I've talked to several people that relayed to me the advice that they go from GoDaddy and it was just falt-out bad advice. GoDaddy is looking to sell services, including additional domain registrations, so the information is biased. It is like calling Google and asking them how to do better in their search results - their go-to recommendation is always Ad Words, which has a horrible ROI for most small businesses and has nothing to do with organic search results.
  7. inzane

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    Have you looked into wordpress? I'd like to eventually go that route when i have time to figure it out. I had issues with using my wordpress blog with godaddy, although once i complained they switched me to a linux server and its never been an issue. They pretty much told me on the phone that godaddy and wordpress don't work well together.

    I've used godaddy for hosting, and i haven't had a problem in a while. i've been meaning to switch but everything seems running so smooth and i'm ranking well and i don't want to mess that up now.. so i keep go daddy for hosting. I like their deluxe web hosting package that i use. I wouldn't use their site builder though. I use adobe dreamweaver to create and edit my websites.. Didn't build them from scratch, but i bought templates as a starting point and modified them to fit my needs the best i could until i can afford to pay somebody to build a more professional one anyway.
  8. Xener

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    Wordpress (or any other content management system for that matter) give you more control, but are also more beneficial if you know a little about coding so you can tweak template elements. If you're using Dreamweaver in place of the GoDaddy site builder than you're probably in good shape for Wordpress, unless you have to tackle any php and you're not already familiar with it. If you're already ranking well with GoDaddy, then there is something to be said for not messing with something that works already. I haven't had issues with GoDaddy's hosting - the people that came to me with GoDaddy complaints were all centered around GoDaddy's site builder.
  9. PaperCutter

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    just take the pain and change now. I was in the same position except when my GoDaddy hosting dumped, it dumped hard. Ridiculous load times, etc. My new web host actually handled moving everything for me for $75. Easy.
  10. easy-lift guy

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    I have Two web-sites both hosted by GoDaddy. Compared to what I had in the past the flexibility and control I now have is great. Overall I am pleased with the investment and have no future plans on changing service providers. BTW, GoDaddy offers many different services since they choose to be a full service provider.
    What you purchase for your specific needs is up to you.
    easy-lift guy

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