A Dirty Subject

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GroundKprs, Jan 26, 2000.

  1. Cannonturf

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    Well if you pick up the piles and put them on there steps. Maybe be they will relize we dont like to step in it as much as they dont.<br>I wouldnt say to do this but is sure would be fun!
  2. NewellMowingCo

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    I once mowed over a dead bird hoping to pick it up with the mower. Instead, I just sliced the bird in half. I almost puked when I looked down and saw hundreds of magots crawling out of the carcass.<br>Justin
  3. GroundKprs

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    Hey Cannon, your idea is not too good for a customer, unless you want to get rid of them. But I once had a problem with a neighbors dog. Asked them for couple weeks to confine dog or come next door and clean up. Last time I asked they were going out and cussed me out. Got me so hot I carried three shovelsful to their front porch. Never had another pile in my lawn again.<p>Jim
  4. ashlandscaping

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    Had this problem on a lot of the rently properties we take care of. SO on our contracts I have a BOLD area talking about dog waste. Plus advise of services that pick up dog waste. I use one service at my house and we put their name and # down so they have a easy person to call. But what it says in gernal is if we come and see heavy dog waste that we will mow and then charge them more money for the mowing and then more for the cleaning of the machines. Plus if they dont have a water hose for us to use then they will be charged for time to return to yard and clean machines off. We had only one customer that we had to charge. Most times if the problem starts we will send them a copy of the contract and high lite that section and say please I dont want to but its gettting out of hand and they will clean up the mess. The one guy which was the landlord of the property was charged $ 150.00 for one time they have no outside water hose. So the guys had to go back to the shop and wash offf the mowwers and then wash out the trailers and trucks. I called the guy that same day meet him at the site showed him and he freaked on the teant about it. Well lets say he paid it then the ten hired the doggy maid after that. What it cost him for out down time they could of paid for half the summer of the doggy maid. It costs me for my yard before I started to promote this company $ 30.00 a month. Well worth every penny I hate Dog Sh--.

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