A dream manufacturer would be direct and offer distribution

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Eden Lights, Jun 27, 2008.

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    Here is how it would work. (Having an excellent full line is a prerequisite)

    1. Limited direct dealers in each market, number dependant on market. Three to four in say Nashville.
    2. Proof of All required Licenses
    3. Minium intial order of 25K and minium of 25K every year after.
    4. Advertising Requirements with Advertising Co-op
    5. Dealer Listing on World class website: Dealers listed as Bronze, Gold, Platinum, and etc. Say 25K for Bronze, 50K for Gold, 75-100K for Platinum.
    6. 5% for discount for each level past Bronze.
    7. Superior online ordering and RMA process from dealer website.
    8. Strict MAP pricing, No internet Policy, and No trans shipping.
    9. Direct Dealers report direct to Regional sales, no reps.
    10. What else??????????

    If your company doesn't fall into this catergory just yet, you can buy from the various distribtion companies with map pricing not to go below the bronze direct dealer level pricing.

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