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    I grew up in the 60s and we had our tech also but of a different nature. I and many of my friends played endless sports since there were so many kids running loose that pickup games took moments to assemble. We did our light vandalism as well-we would target a nasty neighbor's patio with stink bombs (the halved bulbs of swamp cabbage plants), blow up stuff with homemade explosives (no HLS back then) and rattle can the occasional school wall. We built clubhouses and tree houses with pilfered scraps from developments and went to war with other neighborhoods over the most trivial of reasons (mostly crabapple fights but the occasional fist fights). The only time parents got involved was after the enemy torched our three story clubhouse and we retaliated by burning there's to the ground.

    Speaking of assembling we did other stuff on rainy days-we built short wave radios and early stereos from plans we bought. Many parts such as capacitors, resistors and transistors, chassis and power supplies were readily available from local mom and pop hardware and electronic stores (before Radio shack) and these folks new their electronics (plus it helped that my grandfather was an electrical engineer). My brother and I bought the Dick Tracy two-way wrist radios with a 1/4 mile range and with a few changes (paralleling the batteries to up the amps and stringing 50 foot antennas) we upped the range considerably. Our favorite game to play was "Stalag" (inspired by the Great escape movie) where the base station (the 50 foot antenna) was the camp and groups would escape to the neighborhood-especially at night. We alternated playing escapees and guards and even used our dogs to track with. The best game of hide and seek ever! All in all a blast!

    Too bad today's kids and adults are mesmerized by the latest tech (aka "shiny objects") into a quasi zombie like state staring at screens all day. They don't have a clue what they missed growing up in the day when people put their minds to work and had amazing times.

    We also built go carts and minibikes with Briggs and Stratton engines my other grandfather would lay on us-one was an 11 HP-that go cart did 40 MPH!
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    I know that any kind of surgery, however minor, involving your eye's is scary. But don't worry. Those guy's have that kind of thing down cold.

    Last spring i gave my Dad a ride to the eye clinic to get his cataracts dissolved and a new lens installed. It took, no exaggeration, about 15 minutes. And he was driving around the next day. His vision went from 20/245 to 20/15 also.
    They did the other eye a month later with the same result.

    So don't sweat it. You will be fine. Good luck.
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    hope it went well, the advancement in eye surgery is phenomenal.

    I was diagnosed years ago with glaucoma in both eyes, pressures through the roof, very scary stuff.

    started eyedrops, 3 kinds, 3 times a day.

    remained diligent, never wavered, and after combination cataract and glaucoma surgery in both eyes, I have 20/20, and was able to reduce my eyedrop frequency.

    and my glaucoma doc's name is Robert Goulett, (young guy) no sh#$! lol

    good luck, bro!
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    Thanks everyone for your support. The surgery was successful and I have no pain. The recovery will determine my long term results. The procedure included injecting gas into my eyeball. This puts pressure on the repaired retina until it is healed. In order for this to work I have to keep my head down and must sleep on my right side with my face down for at least 2 weeks. I can work on my PC & read books as long as I keep head down. No driving.
    I don't have to keep the eye closed, but it looks like I'm looking through a fishbowl.
    I love modern medicine!!!
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    :clapping: Great news!
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