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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by AEL, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. AEL

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    Thanks for the advice Kepple, I appreciate any I can get. We are really on top of maintenance with all of our machines. Every piece inspected and reported daily, oil, filter,fuel and air filters every 250 hours, greased daily, cleaned daily etc. sure it is overkill but we rarely ever have break downs, all our machines look new (receive comments all the time) and we have lists of people willing to pay top dollar if we ever want to sell anything.

    How are you liking your new 4600? any pictures of it in action.
  2. AEL

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    Heres 2 pictures of the machine today. Deal was signed for this morning and the machine will be heading to an 11 acre clearing project for an airport expansion. Final picture is of the doilies that attach to the rear of the grinder to eliminate the need for a float.



  3. KrayzKajun

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    Holy hell!!! That thing is a monster.
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  4. P.Services

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    I cant wait to see a piture of it on the dolly/truck! ive never even heard of that before but thats a realy good idea.

    I just heard a guy using the term "float" for trailer the other day. He kept saying it and confused me. Finally i asked what he was talking about " floating machines"?? Canadian thing i guess.

    I always wonder why a company sells a machine though? wasnt working out for the needs?
  5. Kepple Services

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    Im real interested in seeing that on the dolly set up. We are always looking for other ideas.
  6. AEL

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    Our local Rotochopper dealer is also a land clearing company. When I contacted them about a grinder , they couldn't get a brand new one till mid June . Instead of turning away a customer and having them buy a competitors machine they sold me one of there low hour well maintained machines from there personal fleet. These guys are awesome to deal with , and are on a completely different level then I am right now , so I wouldn't consider them competition and they wouldn't consider me. They and my self also are the type of people who like to work together. In our area here it is a very small tight knit group of guys who do this type of work, and believe it or not most of them work together. For instance I am pricing some clearing work for high way expansion . If I get the jobs I will more then likely hire there feller buncher and walking floor trucks if they are available. And now that they are down a grinder they will be contacting me if they are in a jam or if there are any jobs out my way.
  7. AEL

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  8. nedly05

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    Awesome! Makes me drool, always wanted to get into that market. Cant wait to see more action pics.
  9. S-205

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    No one around you uses that term? I only ever hear it used in reference to moving heavy equipment. I thought it was an international thing.

    Looks awesome Sean! What will you be moving the machine around with, what does it weigh?

    Edit: Sorry I forgot you mentioned you're looking for a day cab.
  10. hvy 1ton

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    Outside of the oilfield guys nobody calls any kind of trailer a float down here. Just about every other english speaking country in the world calls any kind of heavy haul trailer a float though. It's like the metric system.

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