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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by AEL, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. P.Services

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    How many hours total on the grinding?
    What size screen did you run?
    Did the grinder work as well as you thought, stumps in a horizontal isn't it's strong suit I would say
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  2. AEL

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    Total on this job is mabee 22 hours total grind time . Grinder works excellent , and as long as the stumps are broken up it will take them as fast as your can feed it. Stumps where broken up with the 329 . This was the first job with the grinder and so far we have learned a lot . There are some attachments that we will be purchasing in the next few weeks to make us more efficient then we already are. General is very happy and we have already priced a few more jobs for them. We have also been bidding a lot more of this type of stuff and am very optimistic about what's ahead.
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  3. AEL

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    We are running 6" top screen and 8" bottom screen
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  4. Kepple Services

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    Yeah, horizontal grinders are a bit picky with some stumps.. that's where a tub comes out a little on top. But when it comes to whole trees nothing will beat a horizontal. I just did a little 10 acre job and ground out the material in 2 days with ours. Had the whole job done from start to finish in 8 days. Did it by myself with just an excavator. Didn't need to root rake as there was TONS of trash on the ground including asphalt and concrete, and the property was illegally filled in with the same materials and more, so the contractor is screening about 20,000 yards of fill total and took care of the crap left over. It was a lightly wooded 10 acres but came out good. Have to go look at a 100 acre job and a 15 acre job for them tomorrow and bid it.
  5. sepm

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    Very nice work! looks fun! How much longer do you have on that job?
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  6. hvy 1ton

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    329 was digging and sizing the stumps in situ and loading the sized stump on the artic then?
  7. AEL

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    Chris - you gotta post some pictures of these jobs sounds interesting
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  8. AEL

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    Yea the 329 was removing the stumps and breaking them up while putting them in windrows. Then they where loaded into the arctic and brought to a designated spot. I had one operator help for a few days and he didn't break them up as good as I wanted , so we went through the pile again to further break them up. It is way cheaper to go back and further process them then trying to do it as you are feeding the grinder , or trying to shove them into it.
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  9. ARP

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    What kind of attachments are you looking at adding here Sean? Is a CBI stump screw one of those attachments?
  10. AEL

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    Cbi stump screw or some type of stump shear. The grinder can process material that is well broken up faster then you can feed it . No doubt it will take large stumps , but obviously it sacrifices production and I am changing teeth more often.

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