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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by AEL, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. AEL

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    Noah- not really looking for a new duramax at the moment. My dodge is awesome for the time being. If the right deal comes along on a Denali duramax tho...

    Ksss- got about 200 hours on the 300 now. Have had a few small electrical quarks here and there that disappear, besides that it has been a great machine. The power is awesome , good on fuel, and I love the cab. It was 105 here yesterday and I had the a/c on low and I had to keep turning it off. I will try to do a full review soon.
  2. AEL

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    Here are a few pics of the dumper beside my pick up ( Ram 3500 ) so you can see the size comparison. I will get some action shots of it on the job tomorrow.



    wacker 4.jpg
  3. AEL

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    First day using the wacker and all i could think was that i should of boughten one along time ago. Jobsite is a high profile job in a high traffic area and i had quite a few people taking pictures of the machine and asking about it. Machine works alot better then i expected. Il have a detailed report soon.

    peel centre 1.jpg

    peel centre 2.jpg

    peel centre 3.jpg

    peel centre 4.jpg
  4. noahb195

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    Finally got the new toolbox in the 3500 eh?
  5. ksss

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    The dumper looks larger when its pictured with the pickup. I think I would, like you discovered, its one of the pieces of equipment that you kick yourself for not buying sooner. I think it would be very helpful when bedding smaller trenches, kind of like a mobile bedding box, also when pulling concrete out of tight places. Rather than tear up the ground making 100 trips with a skid steer you can make 50 with this and with its articulated steering, not tear up the ground. I have never even seen one to rent in this part of the Country. WN needs to get push these harder in NA, especially in the rental markets I think they would really catch on once people started utilizing them on the job site.
  6. AEL

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    Ksss- I am really surprised how much material it holds I am going to guess about 3.5 cubic yards heaped. Also having the 180 swivel for the hopper really saves on turf. I like having my machines like this and my tracked dumper, I can see on certain jobs eliminating ( and the tracked dumper already has many times) landscape restoration. Plus it can cary quite a bit more then a bobcat bucket. Definitely allows me to bid pretty competitively on certain jobs.kinda glad no body rents them around here!
  7. Junior M

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    Is that a John Deere toolbox?
  8. AEL

    AEL LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Yes john deere tool box bought from Nortrax
  9. Junior M

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    If I can't figure out how to buy one online I might ask of some assistance from you..
  10. alldayrj

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    What do those dumpers go for roughly? Looks very productive. Can you load it with the skid steer or does it spill over the edge?

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